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Sukurabu in Japanese signifies 'Scrubbing'. It is an ancient skincare elixir revived from Japanese Geisha’s self-care tradition. Sukurabu helps preserve skin's youthfulness & protects against cellular damage due to nearly 70 antioxidants that it constitutes. A gentle yet deep exfoliating face scrub, it removes impurities & dead skin cells to reveal satin-smooth complexion. The natural non-greasy oils are absorbed extremely well in the skin. The after-effect of this scrub is a deep & lustrous gleam. The natural mineral content in the ingredients helps heal sun-damaged skin. Sukurabu is great for all skin types. It is safe for daily use.

How it Works

Sukurabu is made from rice bran, rice oil & rice powder, that help remove dead skin cells to reveal a brightened complexion. The antioxidants in clove extract make it a healing exfoliator that helps deal with blemishes and dull skin tone. The goodness of natural rice oils is attributed to its rich mineral content that helps maintain pH balance of the skin. With the first application itself, Sukurabu helps restore skin elasticity, hydrates & deeply moisturizes the skin. It helps combat early signs of aging & improves skin elasticity. This botanical formulation doesn't tear the skin, even if used everyday. Sukurabu is non-greasy & non-oily exfoliator with mild captivating natural lavender essence. 

What to Expect

  • Improved skin tone & texture.
  • Satin-smooth skin.
  • Great for blemished & tanned skin.
  • Gently cleansed, exfoliated, nourished & moisturized skin.
  • Instant relief from dryness.
  • Brightened skin tone. 

Please Note: All ingredients are 100% natural & sourced from most organic sources. No additives, chemicals & preservatives are added. Our products do not contain any potentially carcinogenic ingredients including parabens, artificial fragrances, SLS, SLES, preservatives or artificial colors.

The shelf-life of products is 6 months after which the good oils may begin to evaporate. Keep away from moisture & keep refrigerated for longer shelf-life.


QUICK METHOD: Mix one flat teaspoon scrub with water, make a paste & gently massage on the face specially around fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin patches in circular and upwards motion for a few seconds. Keep it applied for a few minutes to let the skin absorb the goodness of natural oils & minerals. Rinse with lukewarm water. For extra skin-nutrition, milk, cucumber juice or rose water can be added while making a paste. Pat-dry the face with a clean, soft towel.

JAPANESE TRADITIONAL METHOD: Fill a small silk or cotton drawstring bag very tightly with about 2 teaspoons of exfoliator. Soak the in hot water for a few minutes & squeeze gently. The oozing of milky liquid indicated that the bag is ready to use. With a gentle massage motion, rub the bag over the face for a few minutes & rinse off. The drawstring bag may be used for 2-3 washings, once moistened. Between uses, hang it in a dry place. After frequent use, empty the bag & wash with soap & dry the bag prior to further use.


Rice Bran, Rice Bran Oil, Rice powder (Oryza sativa), Clove extract (Syzygium aromaticum), Lavender (Lavandula) & Liquorice extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra).  



This luxurious face scrub, with its roots in ancient Japanese self-care tradition since 8th century "Heian" period, was known to possess extraordinary cleansing, moisturizing & softening properties. For centuries, the ancient Japanese women have soaked-up in the goodness of subtle oils of this skin elixir. ‘Sukurabu’ unlocks the age-old secret to Geisha’s (Japanese beauty) beautiful, smooth & fine textured complexion. Many Japanese ancient women grew up using this elixir for a deep & lustrous gleam. As the famous saying goes, ‘The Japanese women never age’, till date the secret to Japanese women’s porcelain skin is much-attributed to this heavenly elixir!


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