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Madyati Kaya Tailam

"Abhyanga" is an ancient art of anointing the body with herb infused oil to stimulate the natural self-healing capabilities of body tissues.

Madyati Kaya Tailam is an Ayurvedic herbs-infused body oil for performing Abhyanga self-massage with the exotic blend of rare herbs & skin-nourishing oils. A daily act of Abhyanga self-massage with Madyati Kaya Tailam deeply nourishes body tissues, detoxifies muscles, soothes nervous system, activates lymphatic flow, strengthens bones, improves vitality, lends a youthful charm to the skin, helps create self-connect & imparts an overall sense of well-being.

Performing Abhyanga as a daily ritual is a part of Ayurveda's long wellness tradition. The act of Abhyanga has been mentioned in sacred Ayurveda texts as an important part of Dincharya (routine) self-care ritual for radiance, longevity & wellness. The ritual includes applying herb-based aromatic oil all over the body & performing self-massage for 15 minutes before bathing. Thereafter, bathing with warm water helps open pores & ensures that the herb-blended oil penetrates deeper into skin tissues to heal & soothe skin from within.

Abhyanga self-massage with Madyati Kaya Tailam nourishes & heals the body & mind at various levels of existence. At the body level, it helps improve the condition of dry, lifeless & flaky skin, improves overall body complexion & imparts youthful luster to the skin, induces a sense of joy & deep sleep, enhances stamina & wards-off fatigue. At the mind level, Abhyanga self-massage helps release toxins & dissolves stress. It acts as a powerful rejuvenator for the senses.

A daily Abhyanga massage with Madyati Kaya Tailam helps in the release of oxytocin-the feel-good hormone, which justifies why Abhyanga self-massage with herb-infused oil is equally good for the mind!

Saroma Tailam 

Saroma Tailam is a hair strengthening & scalp healing elixir that holds the healing power of nature in its most purest form. It is used to perform self-Shiro Abhyangam, which is an ancient Ayurvedic technique to anoint (oil) scalp, shoulders & neck with herbs possessing botanical intelligence to heal the scalp, strengthen the hair & create a calming & balancing effect for mind & nervous system.

In Sanskrit, 'Shiras' means 'Head' & 'Abhyanga' means 'Massage'.  In Ayurveda, Shiro-Abhyangam holds ancient relevance to stimulate vital cranial organs (including head, neck & shoulders) to clear-up energy pathways for free-flow of energy & vitality. Saroma Tailam is infused with cooling & healing herbs that help clear-up energy pathways of the head, thus creating a healing effect for scalp & hair issues such as dandruff, hair fall & greying of hair. Saroma Tailam also helps reduce stress & impart tranquility & a sense of overall wellbeing.

Saroma Tailam contains rare herbs that are directly infused in the bottle making the oil become enriched overtime with botanical molecules that keep infusing in the oil with time.


Apply Madyati Kaya Tailam all over the body generously. Massage the oil into your body beginning & working towards the middle of the body in an upward circular motion. Massage the limbs, abdomen & chest with light pressure on sensitive areas. Massage the nerve endings generously, specifically feet, palms & base of fingernails. Apply gentle pressure on lymph sites including armpits & inner elbows to drain of toxins. Massage the body for 5–20 minutes while connecting with the subtle energies of your body. 

Apply Saroma Hair oil liberally all over the scalp. Massage gently in circular motion and leave it for half an hour.

Useful Tip: For a soft, radiant & detoxed skin after Abhyanga self-massage, scrub the whole body with DAAAK-The Ancient Body Scrub. Cleanse the body with Gedoku-The Ancient Detoxifying Cleanser & rinse with warm water.


Madyati Kaya Tailam: Licorice, Rosemary, Vetiver, Ashwagandha, Saffron, Rose, Sandalwood, Wheatgerm Oil, Frankincense Oil, Cold-Pressed Almond Oil, Cold-Pressed Black Sesame Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Quantity: 100 ml

Saroma Tailam: Bharmi, Arnica, Vetiver, Hibiscus, Fenugreek, Black Seed, Balchad, Rose Petals, Curry Leaves, Amla, Heena Leaves, Neem Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Clod-pressed Almond Oil, Cold-pressed Black Sesame Oil, Vitamin E

Quantity: 100 ml


Charaka Samhita is the oldest traditional Ayurvedic literature that mentions the practice of self-oiling with herb-infused oils or Abhyanga as a powerful act of self-love. Abhyanga is an ancient art of anointing the body with oil to stimulate the natural self-healing capabilities of body tissues. Rather, one of the Sanskrit translation of oil means 'Sneha' or love.

An age-old Ayurveda art, Abhyanga self-care tradition has been passed on from generations to generations as a natural alternative to attain ageless youth & to enhance the quality of skin & hair. Abhyanga is derived from from 'abhi' meaning 'to glow' & 'anga' meaning 'limb'. In its literal sense Abhyanga means 'a glowing body'. True to its meaning, Abhyanga stimulates the skin tissues & helps botanically intelligent herb-infused preparations to penetrate deeper into the skin layers & help release a series of healing chemicals that impart health-promoting capabilities such as releasing feel-good hormones, detoxifying body tissues, enhancing blood circulation & enhancing immune response.


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