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Vata Dominated Body and Skin:

Vata Body & Mind: Energetically governed by air and space elements, vata personality is physically lean and thin with little muscle mass and prominent joints. Vatas have active circulation and a natural tendency to remain skinny. When balanced, vata dominated people are highly creative and intuitive.

Vata Skin: Dry skin and hair condition is often associated with vata personality types. A balanced vata is blessed with olive cool skin tone with fine pores. In an imbalanced state, vatas are prone to early age wrinkles, dehydrated skin, cracks on the skin, roughness and flakiness. Dry and cold weather aggravates vata conditions to create skin dryness that leads to premature aging and fine lines specifically in the forehead region & around the eyes. The nail health of vatas is rough and hair condition is often frizzy.

Vata Skincare Ritual

Vata’s mantra for skincare is liberal ‘Hydration’ and ‘Moisturizing’. A skincare ritual centered around deeply penetrating and moisturizing products helps in keeping vata skin balanced and beautiful in all seasons.

Svarasya’s Vata skincare dinacharya is designed to balance the dry, rough and cool energy of vata dense, moisturizing, hydrating, nourishing, strengthening and warming energy to create balance for aging, dry, mature and shrinking skin.


Kiyomeru-The Ancient Face Wash : For a smooth-skin beginning of the day, begin by cleansing the skin with naturally saponin-enriched soap-free cleanser Kiyomeru-The Ancient Face Wash. The natural oils in this cleanser protect the pH layer of skin, thus protecting the natural oils on your skin.

Kumkumadi Kesara Tailam : Follow with our velvety-textured face serum, Kumkumadi Kesara Tailam that soothes and sets the tone of the skin for the day.

Sukurabu-The Ancient Face Scrub : Night is the time when your skin soothes, relaxes and purges out toxins. A strong nighttime skincare routine is a must for vatas to delay early wrinkles and fine lines. For a perfect night skincare routine, we suggest scrubbing skin with soap-free rice and clove based natural face scrub Sukurabu-The Ancient Face Scrub.

Tejita-The Ancient Massage Powder : Show your skin some love with gentle massage with herb-based natural massage powder Tejita-The Ancient Massage Powder.

Chandrika-The Ancient Illuminator: Apply Chandrika-The Ancient Illuminator face masque for deeply moisturizing the skin.

Shata Dhauta Ghrita-The Ghee Cream: Complete your skincare dinacharya with deeply penetrating and cooling Shata Dhauta Ghrita-The Ghee Cream. Apply a very small amount of

shata dhauta ghrita on the skin and massage in upward direction to nourish your skin cells deeply.

Svarasya’s Cold Pressed Almond Oil : Show some love to your body with Abhyanga practice using Svarasya’s Cold Pressed Almond Oil.

Madyati Kaya Tailam: Apply herb-infused Madyati Kaya Tailam to soothe and calm the flaky, rough skin with dense moisturizing oils.

Nivr-Natural Sun Protection: Sun can damage vata skin type due to its quick drying nature. Protect vata skin under the sun with Nivr-Natural Sun Protection with UVA and UVB protection that adds a layer of protective oil-free moisture on skin making you skin Sun-ready!

Diet for Radiant Vata:

Vata imbalances manifest on skin as dullness, dryness, wrinkles, aging, flaky and pre-mature skin. This same energy manifests in at body-mind level as constipation, nervous-system disorders, anxiety, insomnia, lack of focus, irregular digestion, moods and sleep.

A calming, warm, rich and bulk-forming diet helps to control the lightness of vata energy. Abide to these rules of Ayurveda to attain internal balance that reflects outwards as radiance:

- Consume warm and cooked foods to calm irregular vata rhythms.

- Support agni with hot herbal beverages made from tulsi, ginger and black pepper

- Consume hydrating soft moist foods to support the cool dry tendency of vata.

- Consume sweet, heavy, juicy fruits to settle down and bring peace to rising vata.

- Consume good oils such as ghee, nuts and avocados to moisten skin from within.

- Do not consume much of raw vegetables and salads.

- Avoid refrigerated foods and drinks, cold beverages and iced sweets deserts

- Nourishing foods for vatas include rice, quinoa, oats, whole wheat, red lentils, mung beans, tofu, sweet and juicy fruits like bananas, mangoes, papayas, apricots, peaches, pineapples, dates, kiwis, plums, melons, avocados and pomegranates. Cooked grounding vegetables like carrots, turnips, beets, peas, zucchini and sweet potatoes help control typical fleeting feelings of vatas.

Vata Dinacharya – The Selfcare Ritual:

Think nourishing, grounding, warming, settling practices if vata dominates your personality. Practice these dinacharya rituals to bring unsettled vata body, mind and skin back to balance.

· A settled disciplined routine controls vata energy. Maintain discipline in your waking-up and sleeping routine.

· Internal and external hydration is the key for vatas. Keep body hydrated internally with ample water and externally with a good hydrating moisturizer. Shata Dhauta Ghrita is just perfect for vatas with its deep hydrating and penetrating properties.

· Abhyanga practice with Madyati Kaya Tailam or Cold-Pressed Almond Oil has body-mind settling effects on vata’s fleeting tendencies.

· Consume triphala at night to tonify the colon and support elimination.

· Night time foot massage practice with Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil supports vatas for a good night’s sleep.

Yoga & Pranayama Practices

Yoga and pranayama practices for vatas must support peace and calm to help nervous system rest, stabilize, relax and balance. Restorative yoga poses and stretching yogic practices help release and calm the active energies of vatas. A carefully designed yogic asana plan for vatas including slow rhythmic asanas is instrumental in balancing overstimulated vata to help restore the olive complexion while also taking control of typical vata emotions of fear, worry and anxiety. Pranayama practices support vatas considerably due to its effects on slowing, calming and grounding effects on the nervous system Asanas and pranayams for vatas:

· Warm up exercises

· Surya Namaskar

· Tadasana

· Uttanasana

· Virabhadrasana

· Vrksasana

· Ardha matsyendrasana

· Apanasana

· Viparita karani,

· Nadi Shodhana (Alternate nostril breathing with retention)

· Bhramari

· Ujjayi

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