‘Yoga is the complete route to physical, emotional and pranic beauty!’ 

Beauty that makes you look attractive and feel great is an inner phenomenon. Inner beauty fuels our external assets, be it skin, hair, nails or body weight with a light that reflects through us in the form of mystic attraction. Beauty attained by practicing yoga creates harmonious functional symphony of organs, and the energy that flows through these inner channels is the route to beauty inside-out.
Beauty as per Yogic philosophy is an outcome of free flow of prana in the body. The two aspects that regulate prana within us are ‘Movement’ and ‘Breath’. Yogic tools to optimize the free flow of energy include:

1) Asana
2) Pranayama
3) Meditation 


Yogasana is the art and science of movement and flow to regulate the prana. Incorporating circular and twisting movements along with forward and backward bends creates a deep massaging impact on the organs and stimulates the internal detoxification action. Postures performed with pauses let the pranic impact reach to the deeper lying connective tissues to stimulate internal juices. This stimulating and detoxifying effect of asanas on internal organs makes yoga a potent anti-aging tool. The cleansing action of asanas impacts all major organs and glands of the body including digestive organs, kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, endocrine and exocrine glands. Cleaner and optimal the body functioning, better the radiance, glow, charm and vitality that you carry.


Breath for beauty is an age-old yogic concept. Deep breathing pranayama practices have the supreme power to raise one’s beauty potential to its peak. The science of pranayama is simple. Cells need oxygen to perform to their peak capacity and keep us energized. Pranayama is the most potent practice to oxygenate cells and get the blood circulation going. Body cells receive their nutrition with oxygenated blood. This reflects on skin as youth, radiance, and an attractive full-of-life skin infused with lively energy. Pranayama alkalizes the body that creates an optimal internal working environment for our inner elements, while working on pushing the toxins out. While working with prana, we are not just aligning our breath but also aligning ourselves to the harmonious patterns of nature.


The state of skin, hair, energy and entire persona is reflective of your inner beauty. When you feel drawn to someone for an unknown mystic appeal, that’s inner beauty shining through. Inner beauty is far beyond words, to be felt and experienced as one’s balanced state of thoughts, balanced behavior and living from a place of who you truly are.
Ever seen anyone with enigmatic personality? Experience with energetic people is a great one, isn’t it? There is something uniquely beautiful about such people high on energy, as if a light shines through from deep within their persona! The state of our outer appearance speaks loads about what is going on under the deeper layers of our skin.

Beauty Physiology and Stress

The physiology of stress creates internal conditions that become the cause of aging at a faster pace. High levels of stress or overwhelming feelings give rise to hormones like adrenaline and cortisol known to cause havoc on skin by creating free radicals. The damage done by free radicals results in early aging, dry skin, wrinkles, hair loss and even chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. So it is important to learn to slow down and relax to protect skin from the perils of inflammatory response.

Meditation and Beauty

Physiologically, meditation is the process of slowing down our internal faculties though the medium of breath so that our 24/7 working body gets to relax. The slowdown process takes place with regular meditation practice which reduces the levels of body’s stress hormones to induce the secretion of feel-good hormones in the body. The feel-good hormones help resume the flow of nutrition and oxygen filled blood towards the skin giving back its glow and radiance. The result is dewy, plump and youthful complexion.