‘Balance and Harmony of our Elements Create Beauty Beyond Words’

We often come across women who may not have perfect features, yet possess a mystic magnetic  appeal, which is beauty beyond words. Something from deep within them renders them beautiful. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this quality of radiating inner beauty is a phenomenon
of balance and harmony within the body.

As per TCM, glossy lustrous hair, clear bright eyes, flawless glowing skin, pinkish tinge in nails and  enigmatic energy are the attributes of deep internal harmony of our organ systems leading to free flow  of ‘Chi-the life force’ in the body. This idea of beauty is very closely knitted with our internal and  external functioning of the body. To attain a great physique and youthful appearance, TCM recommends  to begin with inner health to maintain balance of yin-yang (extreme internal conditions of the body), chi  (life force of energy) and blood condition.

Chinese Philosophy of Beauty

Yin & Yang

Yin and yang represent nature’s fundamental universal forces. In TCM health and beauty are considered  to be the attributes of balance between these two forces of yin and yang that represent opposite extremities. Yin energy moves inwards and downwards affecting internal organs and body fluids, and yang energy moves upwards and outwards towards body surface. When these forces are in harmony it leads to optimum health creating a radiant beauty emerging out of state of balance.

Chi or Qi – The Life Force

At the heart of TCM concept of health and beauty lies ‘Chi – the life force’. TCM ideology believes that our vital force ‘Chi’ flows through the body and assists organs in performing a variety of functions. Chi is internal and external. Internally, it represents energy, body fluids and blood and externally it represents metabolic nourishment which is carried by food and water. Chi traverses in the body through a network of channels called meridians that govern how the body functions. In case of energy blockage, the cells,
tissues and organs are deprived of its force to function at top potential. The state of optimal health and  beauty in TCM lies in attaining balance, harmony and free flow of energy through our daily choices and living practices.

The Theory of Five Elements

The theory of five elements represents the phases of transformation in nature and the similar transformations within us. This theory explains how to regulate the flow of energy through different transitions for balance and harmony within.

Facial Senses and Related Issues

TCM practitioners see a deep connect between face, organ systems and tissues. As per TCM whatever  skin imbalances show-up on the skin have a deep-rooted connect with our organ systems and are  considered an important part of oriental health-beauty approach.

TCM Approach to Beauty

Get to the Root

The route to beauty is about getting to the root of skin and health concerns. It is all connected! A TCM practitioner understands what that acne with respect to deep internal hormonal health. Each sign on the face is an indication about which part of the body internally is imbalanced. The creation of beauty from deep within in TCM philosophy begins with getting to the root of beauty and health concerns.

Restore the Balance

TCM approach to beauty is very unique to every individual. Two people with same kind of acne may have two different root causes. Based on the causes identified, the beauty approach in TCM becomes very individualized. The idea is to restore the balance, whatever may be the manifestation on skin. This restoration can be about replenishing blood supply or replenishing yin to deficient organs. In case of circulation issues that is the medium of supplying nutrition and
oxygen to skin cells, the approach is to get circulation to balance.

Adopt a Holistic Approach to Balancing Imbalances

Beauty and health are closely intertwined in TCM approach to beauty. A holistic approach comprising of nutrition, herbs, energy balancing practices such as Acupuncture, Tai-Chi & Qi-Gong collectively help individual attain the internal balance which is the route to inner beauty reflecting as beautiful skin, hair, nails and overall persona coming across as mystic appealing beauty.

Svarasya, Beauty and TCM

Svarasya philosophy is deeply intertwined with the TCM approach to beauty. We offer  information, tools, tips, herbal preparations based on TCM philosophy to help you attain internal balance and harmony of flow of Prana. The TCM approach to beauty at Svarasya begins with Macrobiotic diet and nutrition that helps create balance, harmony and regulated flow of prana in the body from where the deep-rooted beauty emerges.