Svarasya Inner Circle

Step-in Into the Divine World of Pranic Beauty & Selfcare with Svarasya!

Svarasya Inner Circle is a community-level initiative to empower women walk the path of divine beauty by focusing on selfcare, self-love, living foods, movement, emotions, self-connect, consciousness and other deep-rooted aspects of wholeness.

Going by modern standards, we narrowly understand beauty as an external phenomenon and not a spiritual one. However, to move beyond camouflaging your true self under layers of hiding elements like make-up, deceiving clothing or a superficial persona, you ought to look at physical, emotional and spiritual aspects to delve into deep-rooted concepts behind those gleaming eyes, radiance of a happy soul and an unexplained mystic appeal.

Our intent to form a community-based inner circle is to provide each of you lovely beauty a platform to get deeper into your own self and to be able to live your best version with naturally radiant skin, flexible body, balanced state of being, a magnetic charm and energy that exudes freely out of anything that you do. When you embrace a holistic approach to beauty, you tap-in into the most beautiful aspect of your own self that is beautiful beyond words and most authentic like your own unique self.

The holistic beauty concept of this community is inspired by the concepts laid down by oldest ancient life sciences including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics and Yogic concepts. The concepts, ideas, tips, practices, rituals, that we discuss in the community are equally backed by latest scientific research, to offer you a holistic experience of both ancient concepts and modern approach to health, wellness and beauty. The Svarasya Inner Circle experience will guide you through the connection between your inner parameters and outer appearance, and how you can take control of your beauty.

Become a divine beauty! Join a community of like-minded women from across the world and share, connect, explore and transform with altogether a new deep-rooted approach to holistic beauty. Learn transformative tools, get and give support, inspire and transform inside-out. 

Svarasya Inner Circle Personas

Svarasya Selfcare Live: The live sessions give you a platform to be a part of a community that meets online on zoom to discuss various deep-rooted aspects of beauty, health & wellness. These sessions take you through an inner journey of selfcare, self-love, beauty rituals, foods, breathwork, yoga and much more. Svarasya Selfcare live sessions are sure to guide you to embrace and honor your inner beauty and shine with magnetic radiance. Meeting and connecting in a like-minded community takes your holistic beauty experience to altogether a different level! Know More

Pranic Beauty One-on-One Coaching: The Pranic Beauty One-on-One Coaching is designed to handhold you to help bring about radical shifts in your perception of beauty and transform gradually. The program takes you through a practical journey of 5-dimensions of beauty and helps you reach to the depths of beauty and transform yourself from within. It includes guidance on all aspects of you including foods, flow and movement, tips & techniques on breathwork and meditation, deep rooted practices of self-connect, getting connected to your energetic self and much more! This program is specifically designed to help you become your best version at body-mind level. Know More

Good Question: We understand the holistic beauty concepts are too deep for you to understand straight! Submit your questions related to any aspect of 5 dimensions of beauty including ‘Nourish’, ‘Bodywork’, ‘Feelings’, ‘Self Realization’ and ‘Energy’. This includes any question on foods, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.
We honor your curiosity and will try answering your queries either as a post, video or a podcast. Know More

Guest Editor Interviews: Each month we invite a celebrity, influencer, achiever or a wellness-struck personality from the field of diet, health, yoga, wellness, selfcare, beauty and more, who have dedicated themselves to holistic ways of life and living and are living ageless. We get you engaged and indulged into the beautiful world of ancient beauty, selfcare, wellness and holistic health with insights from our incredible guests unlocking their deep-rooted secrets on agelessness and their perspective on conscious beauty and clean living. Know More

Svarasya Inner Circle Subscription: Do you seek to be regularly updated with cutting-edge information and knowledge around holistic concepts of beauty, selfcare, health and wellness? Join Svarasya Inner Circle subscription! The subscription offers you to be a part of community that together fosters deep-rooted wellbeing month-on-month with cutting edge information on plant-based foods, yogic practices, herb-based elixirs, selfcare practices, healing lifestyle, connectedness, self-realization, meditation, breathwork and much more! Know More

Why become part of Svarasya’s Pranic Beauty Experience?

With Svarasya’s Inner Circle, we intend to connect with all you lovely women to empower, learn, grow and transform while delving deeper into holistic concepts of beauty. We can assure you, your perception of beauty will change forever with cutting edge information, tools, tips, tricks, knowledge and much more that we share on this platform.

The Purpose of Svarasya Inner Circle

Delve deeper into 5-dimensional approach to beauty inside out that includes ‘Nourish’, ‘Bodywork’, ‘Feelings’, ‘Self-Realization’ and ‘Energy’.
Become aware of ancient beauty practices that go beyond skincare and include holistic concepts of foods, movement, breathwork, meditation, skincare, selfcare, self-love, self-connect and much more.
Learn beauty recipes, elixirs, herb-concoctions, maintaining beauty at different phases of life, ancient rituals, yogic practices, beauty inside-out practices and much more.
Be empowered, inspired and self-aware for self-growth to become the best version of yourself.
Experience a collective sense of understanding, gratitude and appreciation for yourself and others.
An opportunity to learn from various industry experts in the area of holistic beauty, wellness, diet, yoga, fitness and other holistic modalities.
Learn to embrace the whole and live your best life.
Be a part of this unique holistic experience for nourishing your body-mind-soul and cultivating an environment of true inner and outer beauty. 

"I spent almost a decade trying to get to the root of what it actually takes to look and feel your best, I always felt the two areas are deeply connected, looking good is highly an attribute of feeling good! And I got my answers in the philosophy of ancient sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga science, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Macrobiotics. The more I got deeper into these ancient sciences, the more I realized how narrow perception we carry about beauty, limiting our imagination to either camouflaging ourselves under layers of make-up or hiding clothing or surface-level skin and nutritional guidance to attain our best body and skin. However, the deep-rooted aspects of beauty are altogether different whereas our modern perception is clouded with fad concepts. My goal is to empower, uplift, educate, inspire and support you all lovely women on a path of being a true authentic beauty that vibrates and radiates at altogether a different frequency!

The idea is to get to the depths of what cultivates ageless beauty that is way beyond our superficial perception.” 

Deepti Sehgal
Founder, Curator - The Svarasya Inner Circle

Join Svarasya Inner Circle and let’s together get empowered and walk the path of divine beauty, exactly the way it is...beyond the superficial!"