Self Realization

‘Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of all Wisdom’ - Aristotle

When your meal is about a bowl full of salad with a soup merged with a great yoga practice, do you find this pattern addictive? You want to live this way each single day, because deep down your body’s innate intelligence knows you just did right! That level of deep-rooted self-connect and realizing the implications of eating and living right on your mind, body and appearance is the beginning of your body-mind beginning to change.

You possess an amazing uniqueness that’s super-powerful and truly beautiful in its own way, nurture it mindfully! Self-awareness can help you celebrate your uniqueness and live a deeply meaningful and joyous life. When you embrace the wholeness within you and become one with yourself and your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perception of beauty goes through a big-time shift resulting in you raising your energetic vibration. You become happier, joyous and more free flowing, living life from a place of self-confidence, self-trust, self-love and the same energy reflects outwards as your irresistible appeal.
When you lack a sense of self-realization and self-awareness, your body and mind walk two different paths. While body asks for high sugary foods to satiate its cravings, mind keeps living in a zone of confusion, contradiction and uncertainty. The experience of a more fulfilling life that keeps your energy at its peak originates from a place of self-realization, being aware about your own self, what you want, what is your belief system? Whether you are living in synch with your interests? Whether you are we pretending to be happy or really doing something that makes you happy? Do you listen to your body? All of these subtle inner voices play a huge role in deciding how your hormones operate, what decisions your mind takes, how your digestion works and how your organs perform. Raising the level of self-realization involves living from a place of your innate talents, passions and interests, living consciously, deliberately and mindfully, being in touch with our feelings and listening to our body, touching other lives with empathy, love and respect, live a life of inner and outer beauty and most importantly celebrating the beauty of life each single day.  

Self-Realization and Foods – The Subtle Conscious Realization for an Internal Shift

Feeling confused about which diet to follow? Which foods to consume to improve skin health and reduce body weight or to improve energy levels?
Look at it this way, be self-aware how foods make you feel? The feeling, that deep inner voice that echos everything to you isn’t ever wrong. What body feels it tells you. If it feels heavy and sleepy after a fried food, it tells you and consciously you must listen. If your body feels good eating an apple, eat apple. If the body feels great and energetic eating a bowl of porridge, eat that. The beginning of shift in your internal chemistry begins to happen when you connect with your inner experiences mindfully and making conscious choices about what is nourishing for your body and being aware of what is damaging. The food that you choose to eat basis what makes the body feel happy has a subtle yet huge impact on digestion, absorption and assimilation, which is the route to positive transformations manifesting in the body.

Self-Realization and Yoga

We are most-often trapped in our vicious emotional patterns that may not let us look deep within ourselves, so that we live from a place of our own strengths. It is important to break the bondages of negative though patterns and get deeper into realizing our worth.
Yogic philosophy makes us observe our body and mind as we see, observe and percept the external world. Yoga is known as the ultimate science of consciousness that helps break the emotional bondages to help us connect with our own selves, the way nature intended us to be our own unique selves.
Yoga Sutras define Yoga as ‘Citta Vritti Nirodha’, that means ‘calming the propensities of mind to be able to see our true self, a state of our own unique consciousness. Yogic approach to consciousness begins with deep-observation of self and gradually following the path of cleansing the physical, mental and emotional fields to enter a state of supreme consciousness. The eight-fold path of Patanjali’s yoga sutras defines a step-by-step approach to attain a state of consciousness that derives our choices, thoughts, emotions, health and ultimately reflects outwards on our appearance:
Yama is the art of observing our behavior and code of conduct towards ourselves and others. Niyama is the art of following a daily discipline and cleansing practices. Yamas and Niyamas help us get onto a clear and focused path of life while maintaining peace within us. Asana is the art of physical body practice to support health of the body while calming and preparing it for higher awareness. Pranayama is the art of breath to increase the flow of our inner energy-the prana, and regulate it for vitality. Practice of Asanas and Pranayamas opens up our energy channels to experience a deeper level of consciousness. Pratyahara is the art of using our senses mindfully than getting blown away by anything that we experience through our sense of seeing, smelling, tasting, touching or hearing. Control on our senses is the route to mind-body healing. When we choose not to get carried away by our tastes or sights or any other sense, our inner intuitive vision begins to open up. Dharna and Dhayan is the art of developing attention and clear perception. Meditation is the route to get deeper within our own self and self-realize the truth of our existence. Ultimately Yoga defines Samadhi symbolic of deep state of bliss, an inner consciousness that arises once you self-realize your own self.