‘Svarasya is About Living Pure & Authentic!’

Svarasya philosophy is inspired by natural and pure ways of life and the thought reflects in our offerings. Our skincare line is created using ingredients with natural botanical powers to feed skin the required nutrition. We do not believe in lab-made chemicals simply because chemicals are not biocompatible with organic substances that our body is made up of.

Svarasya Skincare – Biocompatible and pH Balanced

The dewy radiance on the skin is a phenomenon of balanced skin pH level. Our skin has a pH balance of about 5.5 which is on the acidic side. Nature designed our skin barrier with lipids, microbiome and protective substances that can survive in an acidic environment and protect our body from germs, free radicals, pollution and irritants.

Most beautifying skin nutrients including vitamin c, AHAs, retinol and antioxidants work best on an acidic skin. The natural beauty of skin is retained when the pH of skincare ingredients is close to 5.5. That’s the most compatible state of synergy between skin and skincare products. Too alkaline (more than 9.0) or too acidic (less than 3.0) skincare ingredients the pH balance of skin gets disrupted causing inflammation skin sensitivity, rashes, breakouts and all kinds of bothersome skin conditions.

Svarasya non-toxic, high performance skincare is a perfect balance of ingredients that hold a pH of 5.5, that is exactly biocompatible with skin pH. This makes Svarasya skincare products highly absorbable for a clean, clear and beautiful skin appearance. Our skincare formulations are comprised of active ingredients and fine molecular structure to get absorbed at deeper layers. These are safe and do not cause any hormone disruptions, carcinogenic activity or allergic reactions. Most of the ingredients that we use are from plant-kingdom and non-toxic in nature.  

Reset Skin Health – Ditch Chemicals
The first step to attain your beauty balance is to get rid of chemical ingredients that cause havoc within the body to create conditions like toxicity in blood, toxic load on liver and even hormonal imbalances. Consider eliminating toxic ingredients not just to clear-up skin but also to keep body free of unnecessary chemicals that disrupt body functioning. Chemicals to ditch:

Sulfates: Sulfates are used in skincare products for its surfactant and lathering properties. Sulfates can cause skin and eye irritation and can leach out color from colored hair.
Parabens: Parabens are used a preservatives to increase the shelf-life of a product. Parabens are toxic beyond obvious for its ability to mimic the activity of hormone estrogen (female sex hormone) to interfere with female skin and health functioning.
Phthalates: Phthalates are plasticizing chemicals to support the spreadability of a product and carry toxins that disrupt reproductive hormones.
Artificial Fragrance: Artificial fragrances are commonly used in skincare products and have shown to cause skin allergies, respiratory conditions, hormonal disruptions and severe skin conditions like dermatitis.
Lead: Lead is often found in cosmetic products. It causes heavy metallic toxicity.
Petroleum: Petroleum is often recommended for dry skin conditions. It creates a barrier on skin that disrupts skin breathing and blocks pores. It leads to further drying of skin as it prevents absorption of moisture from the air.