Pranic Beauty & Wellness Workshop

Beauty is an inside-out job and this 3-hour intensive workshop offers an intimate and nurturing space for you to connect with a like-minded community and learn more about holistic beauty. In this workshop you will get deeper into holistic concepts that work behind the scenes to create beautiful skin, lustrous hair, optimal weight and a mystic appeal!
Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yogic sciences offer an extremely comprehensive beauty perspective that clearly helps you to see through your skin & body condition with respect to deep rooted imbalances. Our face and skin tells the inner story of organ health, gut and blood condition and the flow of prana. Be a part of this holistic beauty journey!
Host: Deepti Sehgal - Owner & Founder of Svarasya – will endeavour to share her 10 years of knowledge & experience over three hours, inclusive of holistic approach to natural beauty that she has discovered along the way while educating herself in multiple holistic health domains.




In the workshop you will discover your pH score and Svarasya’s 5-dimensional approach to becoming deep-rooted Pranic Beauty:

  • Nourish is the first beauty dimension that covers deep rooted Macrobiotic, Yogic and Ayurvedic dietary and nutritional concepts to help you create base for your deep-rooted beauty.

  • Bodywork is the second beauty dimension that covers the concepts of selfcare, yogic movement and flow and natural skincare to help you create your own beautifying dinacharya.

  • Feelings is the third beauty dimension that takes you deeper into tips, techniques, breathwork and meditative practices that create a balance in your physiology and psychology to let the blood flow freely to the periphery for a radiant beauty.  

  • Self-Realization is the fourth beauty dimension that takes you through spiritual aspects of beauty and begins with selfcare, self-love, tips and techniques to raise your consciousness quotient. This will help you make right choices in all areas of life that matter for a radiant beauty to blossom through.

  • Energy is the fifth beauty dimension that takes you through the pranic aspect of beauty, the most deep-rooted aspect that is the magic behind those bright shiny eyes, skin that exudes radiance, vitality that makes you magnetic and energy that gives you all the power to be your best version ever!

This 3-hour extensive online Pranic Beauty workshop covers the in—depth holistic beauty concepts inspired from the oldest ancient traditions of the world including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga science and Macrobiotics. The workshop covers everything that you need to create your deep-rooted beauty internally and externally including the concepts of beauty diet, Ayurvedic & Yogic beauty rituals, kitchen ingredients that heal, nourish & rejuvenate skin, breathing and meditation practices that center and ground you for your beauty to shine through as pure radiance. It also covers concepts of Oriental facial mapping and natural Yogic facelift techniques, practices and ingredients to avoid to delay aging, recipes and herbs to rejuvenate the GI tract, organ cleansing, strengthening and stimulating practices. 

You will receive an online manual pdf, and a free complimentary gift from Svarasya skincare line. For any workshop related enquiry, or to host a workshop on your social media space or studio, please touch base with us on