Pranic Beauty Coaching

Living Food Recipes + Holistic Lifestyle + Ayurveda & Yogic Practices + Selfcare Techniques + Conscious Skincare

Ageless beauty the way ancient literatures look at it, is a wholesome Pranic approach to beauty, health and wellness that delves deeper into the energetics of everything. We know matter and energy are one and thus every matter form is energy and alternatively is driven energetically! So is our health, beauty and wellness. The foods, movement, lifestyle, feelings and awareness that we adapt to becomes our beliefs and shapes us a certain way. It is time to unlearn and reform the level of awareness to get deeper to the pranic level and reshape your beauty to unfold best possible version of yourself!

The ancient literatures of Ayurveda, Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine look deeply into how the energies of food, movement and nature regulate body’s processes in a way to create your appearance. This thought is way beyond modern parameters of fixing the skin and body concerns at surface level. It is about focusing on energetic or Pranic aspects of everything including your body, foods, movement, rituals, regimes, breath, self-awareness that make you a fine piece of work with a mystic attraction beyond words.

 Hey beauty! Welcome to Pranic Beauty Coaching! Let’s get started by digging into some questions about you!

  1. Do you feel constipated, tired, sluggish and bloated?
  2. Do you struggle to feel at the best of your potential?
  3. Do you suffer from dry skin, aching pains, joint stiffness, allergies or mucous congestion often?
  4. Do you have mood swings or stressed often? 
  5. Do you crave to feel more grounded and connected?
  6. Are you on any medications?

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, your energy may be blocked making accumulated toxins age you faster!


Pave the Path Leading to Being Best Version of Yourself!

The Pranic Beauty Coaching is a 1:1 mentoring program designed to help you bring about radical shifts in your perception of beauty and help you transform gradually. The program takes you through a practical journey of 5-dimensions of beauty and helps you reach to the depths of beauty and transform yourself from within. It includes guidance on all aspects of you including foods, yoga, flow and movement, tips & techniques on breathwork and meditation, skincare, deep rooted practices of self-connect, connection with your energetic self and much more! This program is specifically designed on the aspects of harmony, radiance, energy, joyfulness, freshness and vibrant health that focusses on you as a whole to let the inner radiance reflects back beautifully on your face and body.

The Shift: 12 Weeks of Dive into the World of Pranic Beauty!

This program will help you get to the depths of deep-rooted concepts of foods, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects to help you get real and create harmony with your body and mind. You will learn to move beyond limiting beliefs and negative body image to practically start living beautifully in your body and mind. By the end of 12 weeks you will able to listen to your body better, build beautifying relationship with foods, clear skin, increased energy, self-confidence, self-love and a body that shines with inner radiance. 

The Pranic Beauty coaching is designed to help you unlock your innate ability to look and feel your best by bringing about shifts in your food choices and the way you eat and cook, the way you move your body and the kind of lifestyle you live. Enroll for the program if looking your best and feeling great with more confidence and energy is high on your agenda!


  • Deeper concepts of food energy that can subtly change the appearance of your body and skin.
  • Creating morning and evening rituals
  • Recipes & diet program to bring about shifts in your skin and body
  • Yogic flows for flexibility deep cleanse
  • Breathing & meditative practices for an inner radiance to shine through
  • Appearance-enhancing yogic and Ayurvedic rituals
  • New habits that support your inner radiance

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