‘Leverage Nature’s Intelligence infused in Plants to Reset Your Body’s Intelligence. Pranic Aspect
of Foods is Powerful and the only Route to Live Life Being the Best Version of Yourself’

You are what you digest and assimilate’, and no beauty formula can beat this age-old adage  when it comes to pranic beauty. ‘Nourish’ is Svarasya’s first beauty dimension, an external route to fuel your beauty with the elements that it requires to create a vibrant you.

Nourishment for beauty is not just about counting calories to maintain optimal weight or about  adding protein elements to body for a muscular build. Beauty is a way beyond deep-rooted phenomenon that arises out of a perfect symphony among our body organs that can very well  be quoted as ‘Beauty Organs’. Additionally, our deep-lying emotions of sadness, anger,  frustration, worry or fear have the power to change the pathway of our beauty nutrients  making our skin devoid of its vital nutrients.

Svarasya & Nourish Philosophy

Svarasya’s ‘Nourish’ philosophy rests on aligning plant intelligence with the energies of our  body in a way that we do not over-utilize our energy for digestion. This extra energy utilization  may leave us fatigued with a haggard appearance. Ever see how the face looks like when it is  bloated? It is simply a sign, digestive processes are struggling. So, precisely, you may be consuming the best foods on Earth, but digestion may be messing it all, utilizing your vibrant  energy to process that is refined, junk or chemical-based elements being added to your best foods. Such sate of digestion ought to leave you tired, fatigued and nutrition-deficient. Yes!!!  our digestion consumes maximum energy! Now, this also becomes the energy-deficient state  for the body, and in such state body chooses not to nourish skin, hair and nails to divert the  vital energy for survival organs. Once you learn to manage that digestive energy you have ample energy to feed your skin, hair and nails. It all begins with managing digestion and  fulfilling body with ample beautifying nutrients.

Svarasya’s pranic beauty framework offers you delicious, easy-to-make wholefood plant-based  beauty enhancing recipes, programs, tips, information and community to support you in your ourney of mind-body nourishment for beauty. It will help you see clearly how the pattern of  pranic beauty diet should look like. On our journey to eating for beauty, we are least bothered  about counting calories or having a stuck-mindset on fixed recipe patterns.

Svarasya’s Pranic Beauty Staple & The Elixir of Eternal Radiance – Pranic Beauty Smoothie

Svarasya's classic ‘Pranic Beauty Smoothie’ (PBS) is the foundation of our beauty inside-out  approach to breathtakingly beautiful skin, lustrous hair, gleaming eyes, shiny nails & a radiant  you. Our classic PBS smoothie recipe harnesses the power of nature to recreate you inside-out  with health, beauty & vitality. 

PBD is a blend of alkalizing vegetables that cleanse, nourish & rebuild the system at the cellular  level. This early morning beauty elixir supplies body with dense nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, high-fiber, high quality protein-building amino acids, and ample  phytonutrients that clean, heal, repair, alkalize & strengthen your internal beauty foundation. A  regular early morning intake of Svarasya's PBS creates your best beauty potential right at the  cellular level. It instills pure energy of nature within you that makes you look & feel your best,  equipped with sustained energy levels, & helps attain timeless grace & vitality. It helps you  begin your day on a beauty nutrients note synergistically combined to nourish you with  enzymes, nutrients, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals and upward rising energy. This  energy pattern strengthens the crown chakra responsible for birthing subtle aspects of  consciousness, gratitude and opening up channels of divine joyous experiences while being  firmly grounded. We are excited to take you through an altogether divine journey to beauty  and wellness while working with food energies.

Pranic Way of Eating for Eternal Beauty:

1. Nourish body with a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and phytonutrients.
2. Choose foods that have powerful healing properties.
3. Eat consciously making right choices and not giving in into temptations often.
4. Consume wholesome nutritious plant foods.