Kapha Type

Kapha Dominated Body Type:

Kapha Body & Mind: Energetically governed by earth and water elements, kapha dominated personality is blessed with sturdy, solid, powerful large build and thick lubricated skin. Kapha dominated people have great stamina due to earth element being active in their body make-up. In balanced state, kaphas possess all qualities that define earth including caring, loving, thoughtful, calm, patient, supportive and strong. When imbalanced, kaphas tend to pile-up weight quickly. 

Kapha Skin: Oily, damp, sticky skin tome is often associated with kaphas. When in balance, kapha skin is smooth, lubricated, moist, least prone to aging and wrinkles and have thick wavy hair. In a state of imbalance, the kapha skin may get oily, dull with blackheads due to large open large pores. 

Kapha Skincare Ritual

Kapha’s mantra for skincare is ‘Deep Cleansing’. A skincare ritual centered around deep cleansing practices helps in keeping kapha skin balanced and beautiful in all seasons. 

Svarasya’s Kapha skincare dinacharya is designed to balance the heavy and dense properties of kaphas with light, decongesting and activating skincare dinacharya.


Kiyomeru-The Ancient Face Wash :

For smooth-skin beginning of the day, begin by cleansing skin with saponin-enriched soap-free cleanser Kiyomeru-The Ancient Face Wash. The naturally existing saponins in Kiyomeru act like soap-free deep cleaner to pull out toxins from deep layers of skin.


Panchpushp: Follow with light-textured day-time hydrating lotion Panchpushp that soothes the skin and creates a protective layer on kapha skin.

Sukurabu-The Ancient Face Scrub : For a perfect night skincare routine for oily large-pored kapha skin, we suggest gentle exfoliation twice a week with soap-free rice and clove based natural face scrub Sukurabu-The Ancient Face Scrub

Tejita-The Ancient Massage Powder :Show your skin some love with gentle massage with herb-based natural massage powder Tejita-The Ancient Massage Powder.

Avasya-The Ancient Dew: Apply Avasya-The Ancient Dew that retains moisture on kapha-dominated skin for a plump moist complexion.

Shata Dhauta Ghrita-The Ghee Cream: Complete your skincare dinacharya with deeply penetrating and cooling Shata Dhauta Ghrita-The Ghee Cream. Apply a very small amount of shata dhauta ghrita on the skin and massage in upward direction to nourish your skin cells deeply with deep moisturizing nature nutrition for the skin.

Svarasya’s Cold Pressed Almond Oil: Show some love to your body with Abhyanga practice using Svarasya’s Cold Pressed Almond Oil. It helps improve sluggish circulation on kaphas and helps remove laziness and dullness that kapha are prone to.

Nivr-Natural Sun Protection: Pittas must protect skin from harsh rays of Sun with Nivr-The Natural Sunscreen as pitta skin is highly prone to sunburn.


Diet for Radiant Kapha: 

Kapha imbalances manifest on skin as thick, oily, stickiness and open-pores. This same energy manifests in at body-mind level as constipation, nervous-system disorders, anxiety, insomnia, lack of focus, irregular digestion, moods and sleep. 

A light, warming, stimulating diet helps to control the dampness kapha energy. Abide to these rules of Ayurveda to attain internal balance that reflects outwards as radiance:

  • Avoid heavy meals that weigh kaphas down and congests internally.
  • Avoid fried foods, rich desserts, animal foods, fatty foods and cut down on dairy.
  • Include spices such as garlic, turmeric, ginger and fenugreek in diet.
  • Be on a liquid diet once a week comprising of fruit, vegetable juices, smoothies and salads.
  • Sip on hot ginger tea to decongested lungs and aid digestion that is slow in kaphas.
  • Favorable foods for kaphas include barley, corn, wheat, oats, rice, all beans and legumes, mustard and sesame oil, spices such as turmeric, black pepper, cumin, ginger, mint and oregano. Fruits and vegetables that support kaphas include apples, dates, raisins, guava cranberries, pas, broccoli, carrots, celery, potatoes and peas. 

Kapha Dinacharya – The Selfcare Ritual:

Think active, stimulating, uplifting practices if kapha dominates your personality. Practice these dinacharya rituals to bring unsettled kapha back to balance and to support the oily, damp skin condition inside-out:

  • Rise early by 6 am. Kapha dominated ones must utilize this time to get active energizing energy. 
  • Eat in balance and refrain from over eating that can make the digestive system sluggish and slow. 
  • Follow a disciplined routine. 
  • Exercising for kaphas is a must to get circulation moving and to move out toxins. 
  • Practice jal-neti regularly to push out pathogens out of nasal cavity.

Yoga & Pranayama Practices

Yoga and pranayama practices for kaphas must support stimulation, activity, strength and endurance. Asanas that help open up the chest area and stimulate digestion help balance kaphas. Triangle pose aids sluggish digestion and helps to open up lungs and create space to get things moving. The balancing tree pose with arms raise high creates space and lightness to balance the heaviness of kaphas. Warrior poses are great for kaphas with extended arms creating more space in the chest where kapha resides. Headstand and handstand reverse the blood flow in the body helping shift the stagnant kapha energy. Vigorous breathing practices such as Kapalbhati and Bhastrika help increase the graceful flow of prana through the body's energy channels (nadis). Ujjayi breath helps heat up the body and energizes the dull energy that kaphas hold. It helps release congestion and dullness and brightens up the kapha mind.

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