Tarika Ahuja is an international wellness author, educator and speaker with over 14 years of rich experience in Natural Wellness Medicine and Macrobiotics.
She is also certified in Reiki, Theta healing, and trained in Stott Pilates and Yoga. She endeavours to share simple and practical wellness messages through books and articles, workshops and nature retreats. Her work over the years amply demonstrates her commitment and dedication to her ideals. She is the author of Bestsellers ‘The Asthma Cure’ and ‘Beautiful Children’. She is the co-founder of ‘Violet Wisdom’, a platform that provides natural wellness education and products based on time-tested holistic systems.
Question 1: What is your definition of true beauty?
True beauty is highly individualistic - each person has unique gifts. Though it is always enhanced by connecting to your goodness, heart, practicing energy based holistic natural systems and living in sensitive awareness.

Question 2: How as per you beauty begins deep within?
Our personality, emotional nature and physical health is a reflection of our inner being and the state of energy. If the seed of inner being is aligned to goodness and nature, the fruit of our being will always be sweet (in this case attractive/beautiful).
Question 3: What is beauty from a Macrobiotic perspective?
Beauty inside-out and outside-in. Balancing both. Not ignoring the physical for the vibrational and not ignoring the vibrational for the physical. This will allow more flow, radiance and vibrant energy which may be perceived by many as beautiful. At ‘Violet Wisdom’ webinars and nature retreats we offer modules for direct experiential learning and application of inner and outer balance.

Question 4: How changes deep within the body create a beautiful skin, hair and optimal weight?
Nature is balanced. So when we align with ancient time-tested natural practices, we are more balanced. Having a diet rich in unrefined whole grains, vegetables and fruit helps keep the body aligned with nature. While eating processed foods, which are more often than not loaded with “excesses” such as excess sugar, fat & chemicals will lead to excess showing up in the body - on your skin, hair, in your weight. Same with deficiency, it will also show up on our hair, skin, energy levels and stamina.

Question 5: Why working on self internally is the ultimate route to being ageless?
We all are an expression of the same oneness. Understanding the principles of body-mind chemistry and how it is impacted by diet and lifestyle helps us understand our journey better. Internal work and well informed daily practices makes a good foundation for good health, skin and high energy - all associated with youthfulness and agelessness.

Question 6: What changes one can experience at skin, hair and weight level when you change your foods and lifestyle?
I’ve been working with clients for over 12 years, including young girls with PCOS/hormonal health problems with skin eruptions & weight problems. I have experienced that those who make changes and follow through consistently, always experience more glow, more lustrous hair and balanced weight. In fact, excess weight isn’t even possible if you follow a natural lifestyle. I feel sad seeing people jump, hop and skip from one nutritionist to another without getting desired results as they don’t have the patience, informed guidance or accurate information to sustain their practice. A holistic practitioner, educates the person consulting them so they can make better daily choices and be less dependent on wayward inaccurate diets and fads.
Question 7: Why does the world swear by Macrobiotic diet for ageless beauty?
Don’t believe us about the connection between a macrobiotic diet and ageless beauty! Try it for yourself so it is your own conviction. However, do so under the guidance of an experienced holistic wellness & lifestyle coach.

Question 8: How macrobiotic diet & lifestyle slows cellular aging?
Removing foods that clog the pores, allows fresh oxygen to reach the cells and tissues daily to replenish and rejuvenate. Examples of foods that clog the pores are commercial dairy, yeasted bread, pastry & baked foods, sugar and refined or chemical-laden packaged food products - all these cause cellular damage.

Question 9: What are the diagnostic tools used in Macrobiotics to access deep lying issues that impact skin health?
Visual/facial diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, voice diagnosis, understanding digestion-strength & weaknesses, blood work assessment, physical activity levels and cultural and emotional influences. It is a holistic approach.

Question 10: What kind of bodywork do you recommend to enhance beauty?
Being active directly serves weight balance and healthy skin - this is self-evident and needs no proof. It’s time and experience tested! Walking, running, hiking, cycling, swimming, yoga, tai chi, do-in, shiatsu, marma & ayurvedic massage etc. all support us feeling good inside-out.

Question 11: What as per you is emotional and spiritual beauty?
People often say anger and sadness are negative emotions. That’s not true. They are natural emotions. Every human being feels these. Negativity lies in the degree - when these are in excess or not matching a situation - or emerge at an inappropriate time, then these may have a negative impact. So feeling all emotions appropriately is beautiful. It's  about understanding the positive potential of self and others and finding ways to enhance our collective potential. Authentically caring for progression of those around you. Being in awareness of energy systems. Being a peaceful, warm, positive, compassionate, wise presence and maybe a source of these for others.

Question 12: How important is it to use completely natural skincare products?
Skincare products with poor quality ingredients or chemicals enter into the bloodstream through the skin and then these harm our hormonal system as they mimic natural hormones (also, called as xeno-estrogens) to create chaos and un- health.

Question 13: Please share some Macrobiotic tips/recipes that can help one clear the skin and aid weight-loss?
This depends on the body type and requires a customized assessment and consult of an individual. One man’s medicine can be another man’s poison. Else, as a quick tip, removing sugar, dairy (except high quality ghee) and dried salty baked snacks will support skin health and balanced weight.

Question 14: Please share your experience with Svarasya skincare line.?
Love the products. Feels light on the skin. My favourite is their panchpushp skin hydration cream.
Tarika Ahuja
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