“When you Look Good You Feel Great…
When you Feel Good, You Look Great! 

Deepti’s philosophy of ‘Pranic Beauty’ transcends beyond looking great to feeling great that happens when you embrace the wholeness in everything that you do!

Deepti is the founder of Svarasya which is a skincare and selfcare brand focused on reviving the beauty and selfcare ideologies centered around the idea of wholeness as understood by the ancient healing modalities including Ayurveda, Yogic Sciences, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Macrobiotics. 

“I experienced magic in the way I transformed once I dedicated myself to whole and natural foods, morning rituals, cleansing practiced, yogic approach to life, meditation and herbs to support internal health. My skin, hair and weight just transformed for good effortlessly! ‘Pranic Beauty’ is a powerful approach to self-transformation, it delves deep-down to your energy, vitality and inner radiance that shines through!

Deepti is amongst India’s very few practicing macrobiotic nutritionists, internationally certified alkaline diet coach, qualified clinical nutritionist and ICF certified health and wellness coach. Deepti also holds master’s degree in yoga and science of living and is an ayurveda and yoga lifestyle practitioner. Deepti’s approach to ‘Pranic Beauty’ is a judicious blend of eastern healing practices and cutting-edge scientific research on foods, lifestyle, health, beauty, longevity, yoga, fitness and more. Having studied with teachers in the field of Macrobiotics, Yoga, Ayurveda and TCM, she got insights into holistic theories of health, energy and vitality as seen in varied ancient cultures, that opened up her perspective on beauty, vitality, energy and radiance which she now believes is completely an inner phenomenon of embracing wholeness. Her deep interest lies in creating solutions around the idea of 'Transformation Inside-Out', through cleansing, healing & beautifying foods, artful yoga, selfcare rituals, pure botanical skin-care line & organic living products.

“My aim is to spread awareness about deep-rooted aspects of beauty that transcend beyond physical appearance. One can create a magnetic appeal by eating and living right and by making conscious choices in all aspects of life. The ‘Pranic Beauty’ philosophy is driven from the teachings of oldest life sciences that lay much emphasis on energetic aspects of humans that go way beyond physical limitations. I believe inner and outer beauty happens naturally as a result of alignment and adherence to the universal laws of nature, by living natural & your most authentic self in all arenas of life! I intend to empower women to realize their authentic beauty and begin living from a space where beauty is nurtured to become our best versions.” 

The Svarasya Story
“Sva” means “Self” and “Rasya” means “Essence” and its whole forms as ‘Our Own Essence’. Svarasya, is an extension of Deepti’s ‘Pranic Beauty’ philosophy. She is a firm believer in time-honored remedies & the power of botanicals, based of which she formulated authentic, pure, high-quality & naturally luxurious botanical skincare formulations with effective earthy ingredients. She intends to grow Svarasya as an authentic skincare and selfcare brand where skincare is blended with holistic ideologies of selfcare and overall wellness. She intends to share her deep knowledge on different levels and parameters of pranic beauty in the form of information, products, tools, tips, community and more.

Selfcare – Svarasya’s ‘Pranic Beauty’ Philosophy in Practice
The ‘Pranic Beauty’ philosophy is strongly centered around the idea of ‘selfcare’, that is a manifestation of eternal balance, harmony, radiance, vitality and energy. The roots of ‘Pranic Beauty’ philosophy delve from physical, emotional and mental self, deep down to the spiritual aspects.

“I strongly believe self-care & self-connect is the most neglected & underestimated area of our existence in a fast-moving world today, & this art must be revived & practiced consciously as an important aspect of living for complete mind-body nourishment, healing & beauty”.

The deep-rooted selfcare aspects is a layered concept. Deepti intends to impart knowledge, education and awareness on these deep-rooted aspects of beauty and selfcare at our ‘ConsciousBeautySelfcare’ live sessions.

ConsciousBeautySelfcare Live Sessions

As an initiative to empower you about the concepts of whole beauty, Deepti has designed these unique sessions where we discuss beauty from Svarasya’s 5 Beauty Dimensions perspective. Deepti has designed these sessions creatively and sequentially to create a step-by-step understanding on how foods, yoga, organ functioning, rituals, emotions selfcare and breathwork, contribute immensely towards how we look and feel. This is where we intend to bring the community of like-minded people together and learn, share, grow and transform together. This is a unique offering under Svarasya, where we intend to conduct regular online meet-ups on varied ancient health & wellness topics & take the community forward with participation from women all across.