Fermented Vegetables

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'Beauty Begins in the Gut... The Future of Beauty Industry in Probiotic-Rich Fermented Foods!'

Fermented foods had been a staple for thousands of years in global ancient cultures including Indian, Oriental & German. The ancients realized Raw Sauerkraut is much more effective than a facial to maintain the integrity & beauty of skin cells!

Research published in the "Journal of Investigative Dermatology" suggests that healthy bacteria in the gut aids in the healing of inflamed skin that is a cause of many skin issues such as acne, skin rashes, aging skin eczema.


Svarasya's Ancient Krauts are a range of seasonal fermented vegetables inspired from Oriental tradition of vegetable fermentation. Our staple is the 'Raw Saurekraut' inspired from German tradition. Ancient Krauts are rich in live good gut bacteria that maintains the integrity of your digestive ecosystem & effectively helps heal inflamed skin that lead to a radiant, clear, bright complexion from within & an energetic & full of life you on the outside.