‘We are designed to live a life of transcendence and the power to create physical & emotional beauty lies within us. The energy that flows within us gives us an irresistible glow, an attraction beyond words. It is the same energy of life-force enriched foods, free-movement, stable emotions and self-realization that manifests within us to make us our best version!’

Energy keeps us going. It is such a common term we experience and speak about so much every single ach single day, yet we know so less about energy. Call it ‘Prana’, ‘Chi’ or ‘Vital Force’, it is the subtle electric power that runs within us like an electricity grid infusing power to each and every channel of our body. This energy likes to flow freely and its channels get blocked when our organs do not function well to their full capacity due to our faulty dietary and lifestyle choices. This energetic aspect of our beauty has nothing to do with numbers on scale, or that acne that keeps popping without a reason. It is to do with deeper aspects, the true essence of your being that is supported by the functioning of your body, the power of digestion and assimilation, the power of elimination to keep us clean, the power of flow supported by your bodily fluids to let the toxins move out and keep body hydrated, the power of vitality supported by our blood quality to nourish the cells. True beauty and energy is a deep inner work where you work to release pent-up energy while regenerating new one and focusing on creating internal environment that makes that energy flow freely within.

Energy Centers Within the Body

The energy within our body resides in concentrated forms at subtle level in energy centers called ‘Chakras’. These chakras infuse specific organs of the body with specific energy and supports then for best performance-the key to radiance at its peak. The body thrives when chakras are able to release energy-the prana, that flows via nadis that powers and lights every part that it traverses through. Any kind of disturbance or disease in the body, mind, or consciousness causes blockage and imbalance, while for our persona to radiate inside-out, we need harmony with our deepest most subtle energy aspects.
Physiologically, our nervous system directly deals with our energy fluctuations. The transmission of brain signals to the body and body signals to the brain happens via nervous system. If we feel stressed, the release of stress hormones ends up making us even more energy-less and tired, all this energy stress response through our nerves to the brain releases stress hormones that leave our skin and hair nutrition-deprived while clouding the mind. That’s the beginning of body-mind mess impacting your physical, mental, emotional life and consciousness.

Food as a Means of Fuelling Body with Energy that Radiates Inside-Out:

Foods are energy and whatever we consume, we imbibe that energy as our energy. This is nothing to do with counting calories or following any fad diets. The idea of food energy becomes a part of you as you absorb nutrients to become an inseparable part of your body tissues, skin, hair, nails, blood, bones and everywhere else.

Yoga as a Means of Fuelling Body with Energy that Radiates Inside-Out:

‘Hatha Yoga’, describes that yoga creates balance by purifying the body, by creating a balance between physical, mental and emotional energies and offering practices that lead to higher consciousness. The state of balance achieved by yoga practices improves our overall body function, our sense of well-being that reflects back in how we look and feel.