“We carry our attachments and pain in our bodies. As we let them go, our bodies change”
—Yung Pueblo 

Aging folds on the skin at deeper level are the folds of emotions, a mark of what is going-on deep-down within you! ‘What you think, you become’, this age-old phrase has a deep meaning. In yogic philosophy it is said, hormones bridge the gap between emotions and body intelligence (in the way the body performs and decided to feed your cells, skin, hair, organs and all internal elements). Hormones being the messengers of our body, directly impact the way you look and feel depending what emotions we carry.

Mood swings, situational stress, self-sabotage, self-sympathy, chronic bouts of anger, irrational fear and worry is the play of emotions and impacts body in the form of sugar cravings, overeating, digestive disorders, bloating, inflammation, obesity, signs of aging on the skin and a constant realm of unhappiness. This override of emotions, makes us lose connect with our own selves changing body in unexpected ways. How does that happen? Every food or emotion is a molecule of energy and energy changes forms. Either it can be utilized for living for a purpose or to achieve a goal, or the same energy can be spent getting entangled in a web of emotions that overhaul the organ functioning creating deep imbalances by creating folds of emotions deep at the cellular level. Working on self to develop practices that induce emotions of self-love, self-connect, calmness, self- acceptance, joy and bliss are powerful tools to not just improve your emotional and physical health, but your appearance too! 

Emotions are such an important part of our physical make-up and the communication between emotions and body happens through hormones and nervous system. Emotions possess the power to induce release of positive or negative hormones depending on what thoughts we carry (as thoughts birth emotions).

Skin, hair and overall body health is a function of optimally working organs. Blood must flow freely to supply nutrients and oxygen to cells, stomach much work well to extract nutrients, small intestine must function well to absorb and assimilate nutrients, liver must perform at its full capacity to process toxins and perform various nutrient regulating jobs, large intestine must function well to eliminate internal dirt out of the body, lungs must breathe-in fully to keep body oxygenated, brain must pass on right signals to different parts of the body for their optimal functioning. Thus, our whole body including the mind maintain a closely-knitted synergetic relationship to perform internal processes that keep us functioning well and internally clean.

Ever seen those parallel lines between the eyebrows? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, liver is an organ of detoxification and liver’s inability to process either body toxins coming from bad diet or from emotions of anger and frustration form a mark between the eyebrows. These are the folds of unprocessed toxins manifested out of unprocessed physical and emotional toxins! Crow’s feet wrinkles on either sides of eyes are believed to be a manifestation of emotions of frustration, lack of happiness, tension and lack of decision making. Physically, deeper impressions of crow’s feet may indicate a dehydrated and fatigued body. The mouth lines have a connection with emotions of deep grief and sadness. Physically these are associated with diet high in refined foods, smoking or malnourishment. Also any signs of aging and wrinkles are also associated with declining hormonal function in women. Horizontal lines on forehead are the emotional folds of excessive worry and anxiety. Lines under the eyes are typical folds of emotions of sadness, grief, stressful lifestyle and lack of physical and emotional selfcare. A droopy skin is a typical mark of constant sadness, while also indicating chronic gut issues. An appealing face-cut is a mark of defined smooth jawline. This area on the face symbolizes deep-rooted femininity. Any acne or pigmentation in the jaw area is an indicator of women’s hormonal imbalance while subtly it represents lack of self-expression, suppressed feelings and doing too much for others while not taking care of oneself.

Physiology of Emotions via Hormones

From the physiological perspective, too much release of negative hormones such as adrenaline, pushes away blood supply from the skin, creating a sick, dull, washed-out appearance. Another stress hormone cortisol contributes towards inflammatory response to give rise to acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Healing Emotions

Healing of emotions begins by delving deeper into our own selves and being aware of our emotions and feelings. It is a two-way process, as emotions directly impact our organ functioning creating folds of emotions on our skin that further directly manifests on our skin as deep signature signs of aging.

Path to Emotional Healing:

  • Eliminate foods that tax the organs such as dairy, refined and processed foods and high sugars. The impact of such foods on our organs makes them over-work causing exhaustion. Exhausted organs give birth to uncomfortable emotions! Just try to remember how impatient and angry you may feel when your stomach is empty for a longer time.
  • Consume plant-based diet to alkalize the body which brings about chemical shifts in our body fluids that impact both body and mind. Emotional stability and a joyous state of being is a phenomenon of alkalized body.
  • Learn to connect with your own self and listen to your body
  • Breathe well. Breathing practices have the power to soothe mind of thoughts and easing emotions.
  • Find an outlet for rising emotions such as speaking out, journaling or simply following your area of passion and interest.
  • Feel your emotions deeply, live it through to emerge stronger. until the body gets resistant to emotions.
  • Rest emotionally with herb-infused elixirs including ashwagandha.

Svarasya Inner Circle and community are virtual spaces to connect with like-minded community and extend support at all levels. We are here to support you in your journey of transformation via any route that you choose, be it physical, emotional or the route of self-realization.

Dive-in deep info deepest layers of beauty with insights into Discover tangible tools such as healing, calming foods, herbs, spices, elixirs and journaling prompts. Our Solluna Circle is a private online community where we can share, hold space and support each other with our feelings and emotional well-being. Remember Beauty, emotional health is critical to your body’s and overall health! Plants and other aids for emotional well-being. ere are certain plants, herbs and spices that can help cultivate emotional well-being. Plants have incredible intelligence that affects us not only on the physical level but emotional and spiritual levels as well.

true beauty cornerstone takeaway Feeling good isn’t just about what you eat. It is also about emotional evenness and a deeper emotional connection to yourself. ––– Drama and emotional up-sets are disharmonious to your body and wellness, while calmness, equanimity and self-acceptance are incredibly powerful in boosting your health and your beauty. ––– Feel your feelings instead of pushing them down, so they pass through you freely and don’t adversely affect you, your body or your energy. ––– Create elixirs with carefully chosen ingredients (such as the one provided for you here!), and sip on them while journaling, processing emotionally challenging times, or during your evening ritual and before bed to help foster calmness and beautiful emotional balance.