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Diet Reviews

'Deepti is my food, diet & lifestyle doctor, that's how I address her! I was totally unclear about the basics of diet, health & wellness, until I followed Deepti's recommendations. Now I feel much lighter, leathery look on my skin is all gone, I feel very light which I haven't experienced in years, I weigh less now for the first time in my life, & most importantly at my age, I still feel active & full of energy! By the way, I am 58 years young navy captain. Deepti's recommendations also made me believe that health & diet is an art & must not be approached based on one single factor, as we mostly do...Read something in a magazine & newspapers & start following any healthy remedy blindly...I know my body is responding excellently to Deepti's dietary & lifestyle recommendations & the results are visible! Deepti's belief in ancient ways of healing has made me believe in ancient food wisdom & right lifestyle!!' - Captain Pravir Sahay

Deepti empowered me to take right dietary & lifestyle decisions. Apart from consultation, she imparted valuable knowledge that has helped me avoid dietary & lifestyle disasters for life. I contacted Deepti in a hope to get clean & clear skin, as I suffered from severe acne problem. I realized a direct connect between my skin issues & my diet & way of life after following her recommendations. - Lavanya Iyengar, Bangalore

I feel blessed that I came across the holistic dietary & lifestyle concepts that Deepti promotes. I suffered from severe eczema for more than a decade & my skin healing & self transformation has been phenomenal after following Deepti's dietary & lifestyle recommendations. Within 2 months of dietary & lifestyle transformations, my decade old eczema, that not medication could cure, got 80% better without any medications. Deepti's recommendations helped me adopt a better & healthier lifestyle! I can say its not just about foods & recipes or way of cooking, but about a complete holistic experience of health & wellbeing. My skin feels soft, smooth, radiant & eczema-free. I must acknowledge that my problem was gone in a couple of months but the lifestyle transformation that happened will be forever...Thank you Deepti, it wouldn't have been possible without you. - Garima Rastogi, Delhi

I was bloated, overweight, suffered from hypothyroidism, had less stamina, felt fatigued & used to fall sick every season or in a polluted environment. After following Deepti's recommendations, now I look half of what I used to look earlier & I feel better double times of what I used to feel earlier. I have lost 8 kgs in 2 months with Deepti's dietary & lifestyle recommendations. Most importantly, I feel positive & clear-headed which is just unbelievable to experience changes at mind level with such alterations. Though now I truly believe, dietary & lifestyle changes can alter one's thinking & psychology towards positive side. I have personally experienced this transformation journey. - Sandy Chugh, Canada
I consulted Deepti for general wellbeing & weight loss. She gave me a thorough consultation & did set realistic targets fro me. Her knowledge in the field of nutrition is exceptionally good. It is only a month since I started & I can feel the difference. I am very excited that I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans & my complexion definitely shines through. I look forward to more pleasant surprises with dietary & lifestyle alterations. - Shangun Khare, London
I started Macrobiotic diet with Deepti & have experienced remarkable health benefits after consulting Deepti. Within the first month of starting the dietary & lifestyle alterations, I feel much energetic & increased stamina. My PMS has reduced & face & body bloating is gone. My immunity levels have gone up as I now experience fewer incidences of falling sick. I just love the diet & her healing approach makes perfect sense to me after wonderful experiences. Changes in my body & mind make me realize how all holistic principles about health & food fall in place automatically when I keep the guidelines in mind. Thanks Deepti for showing me a better way to good health. This changes the way I look at food & health now! - Ginny Mahant, Bangalore
After my phenomenal transformation, I truly begin to believe that the doctors in future will no longer treat the humans with drugs, rather will heal & help prevent diseases with nutrition & holistic approach to living life. I realize this wellness diet is the original need of my body & directly corrects the root of my health issues. By cleaning the body internally on a regular basis & eliminating toxins from within, I realize that the body does heal itself, & it is remarkable to experience it happening. Now I believe, we can easily prevent diseases & become stronger & adopting a right dietary & lifestyle approach! - Sunaini Bhatia, Delhi