‘Skin is the Plane Where Whatever Happens Within Your Body Reflects and Shines Through. Bodywork is the Route to strengthen that Plane for Maximum Radiance!

Tune-in into Your Body’s Innate Intelligence and the Body Flow, Just Learn to Listen, Body Guides  What it Senses!’

Bodywork is not just about exercise, it is about connecting with our deepest self and understanding how closely humans operate as per the subtle laws of nature. The five elements  in the nature already have universal rules defined and humans are by-nature attuned to these laws. Violation leads to imbalance and manifestation tends to show in skin, hair and health  disorders.

Mind is the master of intelligence but body’s intelligence is true wisdom! What body feels, it communicates and that’s your deepest power and universal truth.  Bodywork from body’s innate intelligence perspective is about free movement and flow. The idea is to let the internal juices flowing by adopting dynamic body movements. Bodywork for beauty is all about stimulating blood circulation to increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen  to the cells while pushing out accumulated toxins. With bodywork, the radiant burst of energy  reaches the cells and supplies them with right nutrients and oxygen to begin the beauty  creation work. This all happens at the deepest layers of your being, thus bodywork is much  more than exercising. From Svarasya beauty dimension perspective, we look at ‘Bodywork’  holistically from three different perspectives:
• Selfcare & Self-Connect
• Movement & Flow
• Skincare

Selfcare and Self-Connect, Movement and Flow and Skincare are tightly knitted ‘Bodywork’ aspects that go hand-in-hand to create cleaner, optimally functioning organs that reflect back the radiance through your physical persona.

Selfcare and Self-Connect

Selfcare is divine and our body understands that pristine connect of our consciousness with our  own body. At energetic level, our body loves to be in its own rhythm and expects us to respect  those rhythms because that’s the only way body functions optimally. Get deeper into Ayurveda  and you realize how deeply it focusses on the idea of Dinacharya i.e. aligning our morning and evening practices with nature’s rhythms for the body to reenergize itself.

Build a strong disciplined ‘Dinachara’ starting with morning cleansing practices to set a positive tone of the day. Focus on selfcare as the day begins because selfcare early morning is in sync with nature’s rhythms. With the beginning of a new day, the body begins afresh by eliminating  the wastes of the previous day. It is always a great practice to set the intention for the day right  before you step-out of the bed so you wake-up with a purpose. Mild stretching practices  followed by few minutes of meditation balances the system for the day ahead. The flow of daily  activities must flow with deep cleansing practices followed by stimulating, circulation enhancing  practices to supply brain with fresh blood. Complete your morning dinacharya with breathing, digestion stimulating and joint opening yogic practices. Meditation followed by Yogic practices pass on the calm energy to the mind and deep relaxation practice creates a state of internal  balance. A wholesome meal to provide sustained energy must be consumed thereafter.

Self-Connect Practice

Body Must be Pampered Everyday to Feel & Look Beautiful. Perform abhyangam self-massage with Madyati Kaya Tailam to tap-in into the flow of your own energies. You have this power to  feel-good and ultimately look good, when you massage yourself while feeling the heat and  liveliness of your being. Abhyangam It is a powerful practice!

Movement and Flow

Body is meant to breathe and experience its flow deeply. That’s where you connect you’re your deeper self. Nothing better than Yogic flows have ever tapped-in into this power of movement and flow! This movement and flow stimulates the deepest tissues to purge out accumulated toxins. A free-flowing body is a radiant body!

Until you begin yoga, you cannot realize what level of deep-rooted toxicity you hold within. Nothing is more powerful than yoga for a deep-rooted cleanse. Though, it may take years to reach to your deepest tissues for a cleanse, however, consistency is the key. The rhythmic flow of life force that gets diverted to the deepest corners of the body when we move from a twist to backbends or from backbends to forwards bends, is powerful enough to bring about powerful shifts in organ functioning. Better the organ functionality, deeper the beauty impact!

Being Beautiful with Movement and Flow:
• Focus on postures that increase blood circulation such as Surya Namaskars to let the blood flow to each cell. Vibrant you emerges with a great cellular health.
• Focus on twists to stimulate elimination of toxic wastes in abdominal region.
• Focus on breathing deep. Deeper the breaths, better the reach of oxygen to fuel cells.

Skin needs nutrients to operate at its full capacity, as our body does! We ought to feed our skin with elements that are bio-energetically infused with the powers of nature, and not the ones that are created in labs and are far away from our bio-molecule make-up. Ingredients such as pure botanicals, natural floral essences, grains, lentils, beans, spices, seeds, nuts, clays, herbs and flowers, cleanse, nourish & purify leading to divine skin health. These botanical ingredients maintain skin pH balance and promote cellular rejuvenation, collagen production and support skin elasticity & luminosity.
At Svarasya, we offer skincare and selfcare products, tips, tools, information and community for you to experience beauty from a holistic perspective.