Ayurveda & Beauty

‘Roopam Gunam Vayastyag
Iti Shubhanga Karanam’

Ayurveda’s idea of beauty is a layered concept and goes deep till your spiritual existence beginning from the physical attributes. This deepest layer of beauty is the layer of free-flowing energy.

Mystic beauty arises with a balance in all spheres of life. Ayurveda, the 5000 year old life-philosophy holds a very broad perspective of beauty that aligns with our ‘Whole’ self, including body, mind and consciousness. This age-old science of life defines three pillars of beauty that are a reflection of balance at body-mind level.  

Roopam: Roopam is the outer beauty that shows up as flawless skin, radiant complexion, long-lustrous hair, well-formed gait and a mystic appeal. This layer of beauty is a function of our dietary and lifestyle pattern. Optimal digestion, assimilation and absorption is considered important to create roopam. Ayurveda further considers the serenity of outer appearance as a direct reflection of our inner essence called ‘Ojas’, a substance that maintains life and is a by-product of optimally functioning physiology.

Gunam: Gunam is the inner beauty characterized as warm glean in brightly shining eyes, a warm and innocent personality having a blissful composure. This inner layer of beauty is a phenomenon of high-vibrational diet and pleasing behavior. This layer of beauty is attained by meditation and by abstaining from wrong dietary and lifestyle habits. Gunam is about an attraction that reflects from within, that draws us to someone in a mystic way.

Vayastyag: Vayastyag is the lasting beauty characterized as feeling and looking ageless, much younger than chronological age. This state of beauty is one’s deep-rooted essence that emerges from a balanced state of body, mind and consciousness.