'Nothing can be as Luxurious as the Energy & Aura of Pure Botanicals for Authentic & Pure Skincare...
Nothing can be as Important for Beauty as Feeding Right Nutrition to the Skin...
...Nothing can be as Satisfying for the Skin as Nature's Foods in Pure Form...
Like Our Body Needs Dense Nutrition to Perform Optimally, Our Skin Craves Pure Nutrition to Radiate in its Purest Form...

Svarasya skin care line is an authentic, pure, botanical, aromatic, luxurious & anciently inspired beauty range crafted based on ancient principles & indigenous knowledge about self-care from oldest ancient cultures of the world including Ayurveda Oriental & Egyptian cultures.

With an unshakable belief in the beautifying powers of nature, we only use nature's ingredients to curate our beauty line in small batches. Our natural skin-care blends are a reflection of nature's beauty in its purest form & are made from pure botanicals, natural floral essences, grains, lentils, beans, spices, seeds, nuts, clays, herbs, flowers & such other natural ingredients.

We believe eternal beauty radiates from within & skin on the outside is just a reflection of how consciously one takes care of the self on the inside as well as on the outside!


A beautiful skin happens when skin breathes freely through open pores, & when dead-skin, pollutants & other particles do not block the 'breathing channels - the pores' of skin. The idea behind skin stimulation to enhance circulation, stimulate lymphatic cleanse & strengthen facial muscles, the cumulative effect of which is visibly younger appearance & eternal radiance on the skin.

Stimulating botanical ingredients, nutrition-dense oils, floral ingredients & grain & legume based cleansing ingredients carry the pure energy of Earth, one of the elements that human body is made up of!

Honouring the power of botanical energies to cleanse, nourish & purify the self leads to divine skin health, as these botanical ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin and promote cellular rejuvenation, collagen production, support healing & restore skin elasticity & luminosity.
With the idea of serving the true purpose of skin-care to create a radiant beauty inside-out, Svarasya launched ancient Ayurveda & Oriental culture inspired skin-care line that comprises of beautifying & stimulating botanicals in their purest form, nutrition-rich authentic oils & luxurious floral fragrances that seep deeper into the senses to create a sense of well-being while creating a beautifying & relaxing effect on the outside.


Chemicals is not what ours skin needs, simply & logically because what we feed the skin, the body absorbs it through skin & must digest it! This means chemicals applied on the skin are absorbed & our body must process these chemical toxins internally to detoxify itself. Most of the absorbed cosmetic chemicals mimic the activity of female hormone estrogen, thus disrupting normal body functioning & causing hormonal imbalances. If hormonal disruptions happen, the very first signs show-up as skin issues. Such chemicals also cause toxin accumulation leading to low immunity & adversities similar to edible chemical stuff that we feed ourselves. So precisely when using chemical-based skin-care line on the skin, we are actually feeding chemicals to our body internally & adding burden on our body internally.

Botanical intelligence for skincare not just cleanses & purifies the skin, it keeps skin away from harmful chemicals that dangerously burden our internal ecosystem!