'An Empty Vessel Cannot Serve Others...

...Self-Care is not Selfish; Its Self-Connect...
...We Must Self-Care to fill ourselves with Beauty, Health, Purity, Serenity & Calm...
...Nature Blessed us with all Abundance to Self-Care Inside-Out...   

...With Svarasya , Lets Revive the Ancient Art of Self-Care & Spread the Message of Nature's Abundance in the Way We Eat, Cleanse, Exercise, Live & Self-care!'


All ancient cultures of the world have a unique beautification & selfcare history. Svarasya intends to 'Revive the ancient Art of Selfcare, Beauty, Health, Wellness' inspired by ancient Ayurveda, Oriental & Egyptian traditions! 

Step-in into the divine world of global ‘SELF-CARE’, where pure authentic beauty radiates from within by nurturing the self inside-out, where blissful health shines through with the subtle divine energy of whole & natural foods, where mind-body wellness comes to life by walking the ancient path to skin-care & health-care…

Welcome to Svarasya's Authentic, Divine World of Self-Care!

Svarasya in Sanskrit signifies, ‘Essence of Naturalness’.

Svarasya as a brand signifies ‘A Natural, Holistic & Ancient Approach to Inside-Out Self-Care in its Most Authentic, Pure & Earth-Friendly Form’.

Ancient Self-Care’ was the initial thought that birthed Svarasya. Overtime, the essence of Svarasya's being transformed into authentic, natural, botanical, vegan, anciently inspired lifestyle, be it self-care, skin-care, health, wellness, exercise, cooking or living.

Svarasya's aura communicates that mind-body health & wellness begins with the appreciation for beauty & power of nature, eternal beauty begins with indulgence in self-love & self-care with naturally luxurious & authentic botanical ingredients backed by ancient self-care rituals. The brand promotes simple clean authentic living that is naturally luxurious in its own ways when enriched with the pure, authentic offerings of the nature. With a specialized focus on authentically healing self-care tradition inspired by the ancient literature of Ayurveda, Yoga Science, Macrobiotics & Traditional Chinese Medicine (Oriental Philosophy), at the core of Svarasya lies the timeless wisdom that these ancient life sciences echo since ages.

The brand’s essence lies in reviving the ancient principles of authentically luxurious art of self-care & rediscovering the holistic approach to health & wellness through whole & natural foods, yogic principles of body movement, natural lifestyle, cooking for healing & pure living based on ancient principles. Svarasya is about going authentic, natural & ancient in all spheres of life that collectively create timeless beauty, eternal health & mind-body wellness from within.


Svarasya bridges the gap between authentic ancient global wisdom & modern lifestyles, modern dietary concepts, present-day health issues, perception of beauty & skincare in modern times & the need for mind-body connection.

At Svarasya, we believe in instilling ancient self-care discipline in daily life as an important technique to attain ageless physical stature, eternal youth & vitality. Our belief is deeply rooted in ‘The Power of Nature’ & 'The Power of Ancient', when it comes to skin-care, self-care, health & wellness. Svarasya strongly passes the message that attaining timeless beauty, health & wellness is all about establishing a closer connection with the Earth & the Nature in all walks of life including foods, exercise, cooking, lifestyle, skin-care & living as a whole.

Svarasya embodies the following as natural ways to beauty, health & living:

  • Authentically Luxurious Skincare Line - Our botanical skincare line is ancient, pure, authentic, naturally fragrant & luxurious, & ancient is revived from global ancient art of skincare. 
  • Self-Care & Bathing Rituals - Inspired by ancient ways of self-care as mentioned in Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese medicine, we have a specialized focus on reviving the ancient self-care cleansing & bathing rituals that deep cleanse, detoxify, beautify, purify & heal the body inside-out.
  • Dincharya-The Discipline in Routine - Following a discipline that resonates with the laws of nature, holds the power to reverse what goes wrong within the body! Honoring the Ayurveda concept of daily discipline - The Dincharya, Svarasya believes in maintaining a discipline in self-care, skincare & health care to truly heal the body at its core.  The Ayurveda principles of science of living through the day in a specific discipline is what forms our regime series, be it food, exercising, skincare or self-care.
  • Detoxification - What you eliminate is more important than what you intake! At Svarasya, we believe detoxification lies at the root of eternal youth & optimal health. We incorporate detoxification concepts in all spheres of our offerings, be it skincare, self-care or health care.
  • Yogic Principles of Body Movement - Yoga, at Svarasya, is an inseparable arm for beauty & health & we strongly support & incorporate yogic principles in our offerings for a detoxified, young, supple & flexible body.
  • Cooking for Healing, Cleansing & Eternal Beauty - Our cookery workshops are about healing, detoxifying, cleansing & beautifying concepts & recipes that promote body nourishment & create vitality from within.
  • Holistic Dietary Programs -Our whole & natural food dietary programs are designed to detoxify, nourish, nurture & beautify from within.
  • Mind-Body Connect - We strongly support the idea of body-mind connect & incorporate techniques in our offerings that help feed positivism, peace, calm & bliss to the mind.
  • Authentic Organic Living - We believe in pure, authentic, organic living & to support the idea, we offer authentic, natural products that support inner healing as well as outer wellbeing. 

Lotus blossom as our logo strongly signifies who we are, what we believe in, what we offer & the message that we promote. Lotus blossom symbolizes beauty, purity, youth, serenity, self-awareness, higher consciousness, & denotes rising above the self & situations to achieve…beautifully…authentically…naturally, the best version of self & what life has to offer! The sacred flower has a strong relevance & presence in the oldest ancient cultures of the world including Ayurveda, Oriental & Egyptian cultures. Svarasya’s Lotus blossom logo symbolizes the culmination of three oldest ancient cultures, & the revival of ancient beauty, health & healing concepts from these ancient cultures to be incorporated in daily life for the attainment of eternal beauty, health & vitality.

What lies at the heart of Svarasya is the serenity, beauty & purity like a Lotus blossom, & the ability of the sacred flower to rise above the muddy waters & keep shining beautifully in the glory of sun irrespective of thriving in muddy waters. At Svarasya, we believe that tough situations in life are like muddy waters in which sacred Lotus thrives. We believe one can thrive beautifully & bloom eternally by maintaining higher levels of consciousness & self-awareness, by indulging in self-care & creating a beautiful bond with oneself, by respecting nature & using botanical ingredients to purify oneself, by consuming nourishing & nurturing foods, by connecting with oneself the Yogic way, by incorporating the right approach to living life & respecting the laws of nature, by abiding to ancient skin-care rituals & healing & detoxifying regimes & by living an organic, natural & pure life, that is simple yet luxuriously filled with the offerings of nature in its purest form!