5 Dimensions of Beauty

‘Own Your Pranic Beauty – Beauty With a Life Force’

Svarasya’s ‘5 Beauty Dimensions’ philosophy is a deep-rooted body-mind-consciousness approach to beauty. The idea is a perspective that is so universal and deep-rooted within us, yet so missed-out! At the deepest levels, you are much more than skin, hair and body weight. These external parameters define the physical aspect of beauty. It is said, ‘When you are happy from the heart, your eyes speak’. When an otherwise physically beautiful person seems dull, exhausted and haggard, often something deep like an emotional trauma or stress is going on within. Our beauty and charm begins to dissipate the moment we neglect a part of us, while only focusing on one aspect of us, which often is food and exercise.
If we understand how to embrace wholeness in everything we do, our health and beauty reaches its peak potential, that’s how nature designed humans! However, most often it is just food or exercise that we end up putting most of our energies into, without considering how we feel after consuming foods or how our habits and behavior forms us. Focus on ‘Feeling’ aspect of whatever we do, is a missing aspect of modern life, yet so deeply connected with our wholeness. We go for diet plan to shed that extra weight, yet may not feel at the top of the world, we get best beauty treatments done, yet our skin does not speak out the radiance that we are looking for! Why does that happen?

Beauty is a deep-rooted phenomenon and we all have the potential to live our best version if we begin to understand our ‘Wholeness’. Deep within our body, our organs are working every moment in the form of our digestion to extract out beauty nutrients from foods, elimination channels working to eliminate wastes out of the system and respiratory system pulling in oxygen and prana (the life-force) that flows within us to create its energetic impact or our mind and processing emotions to keep us stable-headed. It would not be an overstatement to address these organs are ‘Beauty Organs’. Those gleaming eyes full of life is a sign of something really happy and well going on under the deep layers of skin. Physical beauty is fueled with radiance, sheen, attraction, vitality and passion for life with our emotions and energy, that creates big shifts in how well our organs perform. It is these deep rooted organs working day and night to fuel blood with nutrition and keep it clean so that the essence of pure energy infuses out in the form of mystic attraction that is beyond words.

Svarasya’s 5 Dimensional Beauty Philosophy is an extension into all areas of life that make you ‘Whole’. The radiant skin & lustrous hair of someone might catch attention temporarily, but attraction in the eyes that speak the words of soul, or the politeness in someone’s sound is enough to win over hearts forever. Inner beauty is irresistible and the outer appearance 100% reflects what goes on deep within. Everything is so deeply interconnected and has been talked about in their own way by mystics and yogis. It is your inner beauty that must be nurtured through a physical path, and extending its subtle effects to subtler channels of the body (the astral body). Organ pathways must be cleansed so that the energy has a clear path to flow freely, the nutrients and oxygen have ample space to nourish the lungs that ultimately equates to physical beauty. The physical components like nutritional molecules nourish the cells and the power (the energy) generated out of it makes it reach the right places, powering skin cells, digestive system cells, liver cells and so on. That vibrant state of tissues is the kind of youth you carry in early years. With the tissues getting deteriorated with dietary and lifestyle choices, stressed states and obstructed energetic flow, the integrity of cells and tissues begins to fall apart showing up as skin, hair and body-mind concerns. Foods, lifestyle, thoughts and emotions, every aspect contributes immensely to vibrancy and vitality that oozes out when you we are healthy, fresh, happy and well-rested. That’s the attraction beyond outer appearance that reflects as pranic vibrations from the innermost self.

Svarasya believes in this idea of ‘Pranic Beauty’, where we believe in working inside-out to create radiance beyond words. What we eat, how we choose to live daily, what makes us happy or sad, every aspect of us leaves its own unique impression on our body and mind which reflects on our skin, hair, gait, body and overall appearance. This approach to beauty is ancient, holistic and powerful enough to liberate you of your never-ending search to beauty, energy & vitality.

At Svarasya, we break-down this powerful beauty approach into 5 dimensions including:

1. Nourish
2. Bodywork
3. Emotions
4. Self-Realization
5. Energy

This is a powerful approach that begins with selfcare and self-connect. With our 5-stepped approach to beauty, we offer you a path that leads to beauty that’s unique to you. We are here to educate, guide, and empower you in your beauty journey through our 5 dimensional beauty philosophy.