How to heal sensitive skin? Do gut-foods really help?

How to heal sensitive skin? Do gut-foods really help?

heal sensitive skin

Are you troubled with redness, rashes, and burns on your skin? Or your skin is prone to breakouts even when it isn’t oily? These and many more similar signs indicate that you have sensitive skin. Not treating it can lead to immense damage on the skin along with mental irritation. If you aren’t sure if you have sensitive skin, keep reading for the symptoms.

Next, we tell you what steps you can take to heal your sensitive skin with holistic products. Also, we’ll let you know how your gut-health has a direct impact on your skin health, along with many underlying details. Carry on!

Sensitive skin is a condition that happens when the skin’s natural barrier function becomes weak and causes irritation when triggered. The triggers can be anything like dust, bad weather, dehydration, UV rays, extremely hot water, air pollution, allergies, stress, use of chlorinated water, etc.


1. Rashes and tiny red bumps.

2. Dry patches.

3. Redness.

4. Stinging or burning sensation when using beauty products.

5. Skin breakouts

6. Sensitivity towards UV rays (extreme redness when under the sun).

7 Skin inflammation during bad weather.

8. Itchy skin.


1. Wash your face: Cleanse your skin with a soap-free deep skin-cleansing formulation. Such a formulation should be able to remove impurities from the deepest layers of your skin without being too harsh.

Svarasya’s KIYOMERU - THE ANCIENT NATURAL FACE WASH is one such cleanser that suits all skin types. It gently exfoliates while nourishing your skin with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.


Along with antioxidants, the face wash leaves you with a squeaky clean skin and improved skin texture to smile at. It helps retain the natural oils of the skin which avoids problems like that of breakouts. Plus, being made of 100% natural products, the cleanser doesn’t contain any chemicals unlike other skin products and so doesn’t cause any redness or burning sensation to your skin. Additionally, it removes blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines as well.

2. Soothe your skin: after cleansing your skin deeply, you need to soothe it with a moisturising face mask. This face mask will help strengthen your skin’s natural barrier function and make it more tolerant and healthy.

For this purpose, you can use Svarasya’s SUMUKHA - THE ANCIENT FAIRNESS face masque. It particularly helps oily, sensitive, and dull skin. Known for its super-powerful ingredients like sandalwood, turmeric, amla, licorice, rice, almonds, and vetiver, Sumukha face masque can leave you with an enriched and nourished skin.


While the antioxidants from almonds are known to heal sun-damaged skin, vetiver is famous for its cooling properties. While sandalwood works against breakouts, the golden spice turmeric is known for its ultimate healing properties. With so much of nourishment along with hydration, your sensitive skin is bound to feel special and will restore its natural barrier function.

3. Massage to let nourishment seep: Once your skin has calmed down with a face mask, it’s time for the final step. This step of moisturisation and the massage helps stimulate your skin and send nourishment deep into every pore.

You can use Svarasya’s TEJITA - THE ANCIENT MASSAGE POWDER for this purpose. Enriched with almonds, rose, and geranium, the massage powder consists of botanical ingredients that promote circulation and lymphatic movement.


Don’t worry, being of smooth texture the powder and the massage will not contribute to any redness, rashes or burns to your sensitive skin. In fact, with its natural oils like omega 3 and omega 6, you will only enhance your skin tone while strengthening the skin’s natural barrier function. The nurturing and energising massage is a great way to pamper your sensitive skin every once in a while.


While all the above 100% natural products heal your skin from the outside, it’s essential to treat it from the inside as well. The best way to do so is by ensuring a good gut-health that boosts your skin health. Research done to collect Epidemiological evidence suggests the existence of a direct link between skin disorders and gut issues. This study reveals that 24% of people with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel’s disease, have observed unhealthy skin. Similarly, 14% of people suffering from another gut problem - ulcerative colitis have observed the same.

These studies and many other facts suggest a clear association between your skin and your gut. No wonder, the saying, ‘Beauty begins in your gut” is so famous around the world.Now that you know that you need to treat your gut to heal your sensitive skin (or any other skin condition), it’s time to ask another crucial question. The question of what should you do to keep your gut healthy?

The answer lies with us and almost every advocate of holistic health practices. It is the consumption of gut-foods

That’s the reason why, Svarasya brings you three formulations of gut foods that can help you improve your gut health, thereby improving your skin health drastically.




These three ancient Krauts are enriched with nutrition that will treat your gut and make your body transport essential nutrients towards your skin.

You can add these to your diet in the form of pickles or as toppings on smoothies or salads. We’re sure you will love having them and love the results they bring to your skin even more.

Wondering if they suit sensitive skin types? Certainly! In fact, gut-foods suit all skin types. Now you know the right wholesome solution to help your sensitive skin heal. So, grab at least one if not all of these products today and get rid of all irritation.

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