Svarasya Ancient Self-Care Show

Svarasya Ancient Self-Care Show

Svarasya Ancient Self-Care 

Ageless beauty is way beyond skincare. Selfcare at body-mind level is the key to attain beautiful persona for ages irrespective of your biological count on Earth. Svarasya is a beauty and selfcare brand beyond skincare that delves deeper into deep-rooted dimensions of beauty driven from ancient traditions including Ayurveda, Yogic Sciences, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Macrobiotics. Svarasya Ancient Self-Care podcast offers information, tools, tips, techniques, expert views and much more to enlighten you on all aspects of five dimensions of beauty including foods, bodywork, feelings, self-realization and energy that altogether are powerful to transform your appearance towards your best self and to make you feel at the top of the world at all times! We discuss everything including beauty foods, radiance yogic practices, Ayurveda rituals, skincare practices, emotional and spiritual aspects that contribute to ageless beauty. In this podcase we will be covering  varied themes on holistic aspects of beauty from physical, emotional and spiritual perspective. 

Step-in into the divine world of selfcare with Svarasya!

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 Episode 1: Ayurveda Dinacharya was devised by the sages years ago, and today science validates its efficacy on how our body clock works in a particular fashion to keep us active or at rest at different times of the day. The more we follow this dinacharya way of life, the more our body and mind is aligned to the activity and rest cycles of nature. In this podcast Deepti shares how living as per Ayurveda dinacharya is scientically valid way to maintain wellness at deeper levels. Tune in... 

Listen to the episodes :
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