Skin Health With Ancient

Skin Health With Ancient


'The State of Your Intestinal Flora Reflects on Skin as Clear, Radiant Complexion, Lustrous Hair & a Svelte Body!' - The Ancient Eternal Truth

How often do women aspire to attain a radiant complexion, long lustrous hair, a slim waistline & a body full of energy & vitality?

Quite often, right?

'You Are What You Eat, Absorb & Assimilate'! In its literal sense, this statement holds the secret to attaining your flawless beauty goals. Since time immemorial the secret to ageless beauty lies with Ayurveda that focusses on gut health to absorb the nutrients & feed the skin tissues optimal nutrition for a beautiful appearance inside-out. 


'Agni-The Digestive Fire' is believed to be the fueling force & the innate intelligence within each body cell & tissue that facilitates the vibrancy of skin cells which radiates as a bright, radiant complexion on the outside. Skin color, complexion, skin tone, glow & skin luster are the attributes of 'Agni', the source of which is pure nutrition & strong digestive power. The concept of Agni in Ayurveda simply states that the maintenance of body tissues, sparkle in the eyes, luster on the skin & vitality in personality are driven from complete digestion, optimal absorption & assimilation of nutrients in body cells. 


So, clearly 'Beauty Begins in the Gut'!

Gut is the processing unit that extracts the nutrient molecules from the foods we consume & pass-on the nutrients to body cells for growth, repair & rejuvenation. Impaired absorption of nutrients leads to nutritional scarcity within the body & our body prioritizes which organs or functional parts necessarily need nutrients to function efficiently. Further, due to impaired digestion & absorption, a lot of toxic matter tends to accumulate in & around soft digestive tissues & organs.

The very first signs of a toxic body begin to show-up on our skin, nails & hair. This is because the body intelligence does not consider these parts as important nutrient receiving parts when compared to more important internal organs including, heart, liver & kidneys. Clearly, nutrition to skin is not on body's priority list if other life-sustaining organs are deprived of nutrition. As a result, due to scarce nutrient supply, skin, hair & nails remain devoid of beauty-creating nutrients, the result of which shows as dull lifeless complexion, wrinkles & aging signs. Further, the body intelligence tries to find the escape root for these accumulated toxins. Skin being the largest body organ, the maximum toxicity is thrown out via skin route that shows-up as acne, eczema, rashes & other skin issues.


There could be many underlying causes of impaired digestion & absorption of nutrients including refined & processed foods, junk foods, excess sugar, excessive body acid that causes inflammation, alcohol, infections, stress, improper chewing, lack of digestive enzymes or less hydrochloric acid. All these factors may lead to a state of unbalanced microbiome & birth a community of bad bacteria, outnumbering the number of good bacteria in the digestive tract. Research has connected this unbalanced microbial state to early aging, wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation, acne, inflammatory issues, diabetes, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), migraines, eczema. This microbial imbalance also hampers weight loss & energy levels.

However, for a great skin, radiant flawless complexion, slim waistline & overall body vitality & energy, the good bacteria must outnumber bad bacteria. 


'When consumed regularly, the Ancient Krauts & Raw Sauerkraut is much more effective than a facial to maintain the integrity & beauty of skin cells!'

Svarasya's Ancient Krauts help optimize digestion by replacing the community of bad gut bacteria with good gut bacteria in the gut with regular consumption. The Ancient Krauts aid healthy digestion & strong immunity - the two aspects of health directly related to how we look & feel! It helps remove toxins effectively out of the system, balances body pH levels & heals body inflammation, greatly enhancing your energy levels, balancing hormone secretions & fast-forwarding the cell repair mechanism. This optimal internal state of complete digestion reflects on the outside as eternal radiance, clear skin, fewer breakouts & a pure clean complexion. 

Raw Sauerkraut aids weight-loss by breaking & excreting body toxicity out of the digestive tract. It is known to improve immunity, purify blood, combat allergies & digestive issues, improve skin health, reverse aging signs, thicken hair boost immune function, cleanse blood & combat fatigue. The Raw Sauerkraut substantially increases the bioavailability of vitamins & minerals, & supports the production of 'Digestive Enzymes', the single most important factor for a clear, youthful & radiant skin texture. It also increases the production & absorption of B vitamins, the lack of which is a major cause of severe hair fall & skin break-outs. 

Carrot, Beetroot & Ginger Ancient Kraut is packed with bioavailable , probiotics, nutrients, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, betacyanin's, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, vitamins, minerals, fiber & organic acids that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream & detoxify & purify blood. The purified state of blood shows on skin as a clear, acne-free complexion. Traditionally, fermented beets are known to reverse the signs of aging, wrinkles & age-spots. It is known to thicken hair & minimize the graying of hair.

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