Selfcare to Stay Healthy & Well In A Polluted Environment

Selfcare to Stay Healthy & Well In A Polluted Environment

Selfcare is important at all times. However, it is imperative to selfcare by adopting holistic ways to beat the impact of pollution on your body, skin & overall wellness. Breathing in a polluted environment is like breathing in a smoke chamber & can damage the cellular integrity of all body tissues some of which include liver tissue, lung tissue, skin tissue & others. This may prove hazardous as the broken cellular integrity is like breaking the foundation of  a building, ultimately leading to the gradual destruction of the whole building. This gradual destruction can be termed as the aging process that begins with cells & progresses to damage tissues & organs. The overall impact shows in one's physical & mental health.

To minimize the impact of pollution that sets the body in an accelerated aging mode, it is important to work on a routine that sets the functioning of the body otherwise, which is the detox mode. Switching-on the detox mode of the body will ensure the toxins entering the body from the environment either through foods, air, water or skincare are efficiently purged out of the body on a regular basis. This also is the key to beat the aging clock & protecting oneself from diseases & aging issues. The heavier & disease causing particles in the polluted environment are freely moving in the air & constant detoxification is the only way to live through the crises.

Setting Body on a Detox Path:

Antioxidant Support: Toxins cause a lot of cellular damage due to free radicals that damage the cellular integrity of the body. The very first step is to ensure consuming ample antioxidants to deal with free radical damage within the body. Increasing the consumption of Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin E rich foods will turn back the body on the healing path by protecting cellular health & beginning to cleanse liver & other elimination pathways. Antioxidants enter our body through green leafy vegetables, apples, lemons, seasonal fruits, red & yellow capcicum, cabbage, pumpkin & purple cabbage. Spice teas are also a great source of antioxidants. Consuming turmeric, ginger & lemon tea supports the detox mode of the body.


Liver Support: Liver is the toxin processing & toxin removal organ of the body. It is imperative to keep this organ in its best working condition to fast-forward body’s detox mechanism. An early morning bitter gourd juice shot with amla & lemon will kick start liver for a detox in the beginning of the day. Svarasya's Clean Beauty Detox Smoothie helps boost the liver to clear out the toxic sludge.

Minimize the Consumption of Processed, Refined & Dairy Foods: Lungs get clogged with processed, refined & dairy foods. Consuming less of such foods will ensure peak lung performance, an absolute must to purge out toxic gases from the system in the form of carbon-di-oxide. Lesser you consume such foods, more the lungs perform at their peak & better the cellular integrity of lungs becomes.

Lungs Detox: Make radish & lotus root tea to decongest lungs. Turmeric, black pepper & jaggery tea is also a great decongestant o be included daily for decongesting lungs.

Stay Indoors & Use Masks While Going Out: It makes a surprising scene outside when you see elderly people going out for morning walks in polluted air ignoring the possibility of toxic accumulations in the air impacting them deeply. Its best to stay indoors during the times of high pollution. However, if need be, you must wear mask to filter out toxins as much as possible. 

Immunity Support: Few tulsi leaves chewed first thing in the morning is a great immunity booster. You may also use Tulsi concentrate if Tulsi leaves are unavailable. Increasing the intake of citrus fruits, turmeric, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper helps a great deal in keeping immunity levels high. Include these foods with soups or otherwise daily to kick start your immunity & healing.

Yogic Cleansing Techniques: Invest your time & energies cleansing the system by practicing yogic postures indoors. Surya Namaskar helps remove toxic gases through deep breaths & make the flow of energy reach to each body part of the body. Pranayam such as Kapal Bhati will kick out the bacteria entering your nasal cavity, protecting lungs from getting affected. Jal Neti is highly efficient in warding off toxic & bacterial accumulation from the periphery of the body, thus pushing toxins out right from the surface of the nasal cavity.

Consume Clean Foods: Consume foods that have a tendency of getting cleaned-out of the body at a faster pace. Such foods include light eatables like fruits & vegetables, brown rice, millets, quinoa, beans & lentils. Less the toxic sludge within, better the system will be able to cope up with any internal or external health crises.

Hydration: The importance of hydration cannot be stressed upon enough! Human body is 70% water & lack of water in the body deprives the cells of their optimal functioning. Consume warm water through the day. You may also consume herbal teas & green teas to add a hint of nutrients to your tea. 

Aromatherapy: Essential oils work best during the health crises times as the molecules immediately seep in to provide relief to the impacted area  through breath activity. Try infusing a blend of peppermint, clove & eucalyptus to freshen the air that you create. You may also use diffuser to keep the hydration levels up in the environment. 
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