Kumkumadi Tailam – Age-Old Ayurveda Skin Elixir

Kumkumadi Tailam – Age-Old Ayurveda Skin Elixir

The science of herbs is a miraculous one. The seemingly small tiny flowers, leaves, seeds & other parts of plants are a powerhouse of various energetic properties & boom with the supreme energy of nature. The science of Ayurveda demonstrates an exclusive understanding of herbs & its superpowers. One such powerful herb is ‘saffron’, the skin beautifying recipe of which is mentioned in ancient Ayurveda texts. This beauty elixir is known as ‘Kumkumadi Tailam’. The ancient texts of Ayurveda poetically phrase Kumkumdi Tailam as a beauty elixir that can make your complexion go radiant with a bright golden sunny hue, when massaged into the skin at night.


‘Kumkumadi Tailam’ is named after ‘Kumkuma’, which means saffron in Sankskrit. The beauty potential of this skin elixir is so intense, that Ayurveda’s ancient texts named this oil after ‘Kumkumadi-The Saffron’, which is its most powerful ingredient highly valued in Ayurveda for its multifaceted effects on skin.

Made from a blend of saffron, herbs & natural oils, Kumkumadi Tailam is a potent beautifying formulation to attain a gold-like glow on the skin. The effects of Kumkumadi Tailam are cosmetic as well as therapeutic due to the powerful properties of herbs infused in its preparation. Its multi-faceted uses as a skin nourishing oil, skin cleanser, & moisturizer, make Kumkumadi Tailam an exclusive one-stop product for multiple skin needs. 


Kumkumadi Kesara Tailam can beautify skin in the following multiple ways:

  • Brightening skin with a golden glow
  • Lightening blemishes & scars
  • Fading wrinkles & signs of aging
  • Improving skin texture & skin tone
  • Moisturizing skin at deeper level


Kumkumadi Taliam is a blend of various Ayurveda herbs including saffron as its base ingredient. This beauty concoction of Ayurveda’s rare herbs offers multi-faceted benefits for skin health. Herbs that make Kumkumadi a skin elixir are:

Saffron: Saffron is known to brighten the complexion & impart a golden glow on the skin. It is a part of traditional Ayurveda skincare rituals for its properties to bring life back to dull & lifeless skin.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood cools the skin which also makes it an anti-inflammatory Ayurveda herb. It cleanses the skin & lightens the complexion.

Lakh: Lakh or Laksha is a strong detoxifier & relaxes the nerves. It helps heal skin tissues & helps in cellular regeneration.

Manjishta: Manjistha acta as a skin purifier & helps deal with aging skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Liquorice: Liquorice is known to lighten the complexion making it appear fair & radiant. It helps maintain the pH level of skin & contains powerful anti-oxidants for deep skin healing.

Goat Milk: Goat milk is mineral rich & contains lactic acid that hydrates, nourishes & clarifies the skin to reveal a bright complexion.

Vetiver: Vetiver is a cooling & healing herb & used in skincare formulations for its anti-inflammatory properties. With a pleasant cooling fragrance, vetiver pacifies heated skin conditions & refreshes the skin to restore the balance.

While preparing Kumkuadi Kesara Tailam, apowerful concoction of these herbs is created & a base oil is added thereafter, that assimilates the power of herbs to become a powerful beauty concoction.


Step 1: Cleanse your face with Kiyomeru facewash to remove dirt & grime from the skin.

Step 2: Take 2-3 drops of Kumkumadi Kesara Tailam & dab it all over the face. Massage the oil in upward & outward strokes until it gets deeply absorbed into the skin.

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