Amazing Benefits of Kumkumadi Kesara Tailam

Amazing Benefits of Kumkumadi Kesara Tailam

Skin is one of the most exposed areas of skin which makes it more important to take care of it at all times. Due to the ever-changing environment and the kind of pollutants present in the external surroundings, skin becomes dull and rough. There are different factors that are responsible for damaging your skin and Kumkumadi Kesara telam can bring up one successful way of getting through it.

In addition to pollutants, sunlight exposure also deteriorates the quality of skin by UW radiations which could be a reason for blemishes, pigmentation, uneven skin and dullness in the skin. Excessive use of cosmetic products also degrades the quality of skin. If a skin is not well, feels dehydrated, it is better to hydrate the skin from time to time which can be done using natural ingredients or natural products. Face oils are one of the best options available for hydrating skin and providing them the nourishment required and one such is Kumkumadi Kesara telam which is extremely beneficial for all skin types.


KumKumadi Kesar Tailam is oil based on traditional and ancient methods of beauty which helps in reviving the skin cells by providing them the required nourishment and protection. The oil consists of natural ingredients which enhances the beauty without interfering or creating any artificial change in the texture of the skin. The oil rejuvenates the skin and imparts a glow from inside. Anyone who faces challenges to take good care of their skin can only understand the importance of natural ingredients and oils which tend to benefit the skin.

The KumKumadi Kesar Tailam oil is a perfect blend of natural oils such as mogra, rose oil, cold pressed almond, cold pressed black seed, Glycyrrhiza, wheat protein, Aloe leaf extract, sandalwood and many other natural ingredients. The major ingredient of the oil which is kesar has many benefits in addition to the beautifying properties. It is antibacterial in nature and possesses natural skin enhancing properties. Kesar is also known for reducing spots and pigmentation and its presence in the oil makes it even more effective.

KumKumadi Kesar Tailam


Kumkumadi tailam improves the quality of skin, hydrates the skin and enhances the natural glow from within. The KumKumadi Kesar Tailam oil is originated from Bhaisajya Ratnavali. The oil is enriched with natural ingredients, does not contain any artificial additives which enhances the quality of the skin and at the same time, also imparts super healing properties to the skin. The oil is non sticky and is used in small quantities, the KumKumadi Kesar Tailam oil is taken in a liberate amount on the palm and drops are applied at various points on the skin. It is recommended to apply the oil in upward direction with light pressure. This can be used at day time as well as night time. It is advisable to apply the oil after cleaning the face thoroughly so that all the pores are open and the ingredients of the oil are able to reach the skin to hydrate it properly.

The various ingredients present in the oil infused with each other impart different beneficial properties to the skin such as sandalwood provides a soothing and cooling effect to the skin. Liquorice has a unique ability of clarifying skin and brightening the cells of the skin thereby giving a cleaner, clearer result. There are a lot of benefits of KumKumadi Kesar Tailam and if you want to make sure that this oil brings the desired result use it with care..


One needs to be very careful when they are applying this oil so that it brings the best effect for your skin type. To apply the oil you just need take 3-4 drops of KumKumadi Kesar Tailam serum in your hands onto the face and gently massage that area with your fingers. You then have to leave the oil for about 20 minutes and wash it with warm water. If you are only putting a thin layer of the oil in your skin, you can keep it overnight also and the oil can be applied two to three times in a day.

The oil has a shelf life of three years. Since there are no additives, chemicals or preservatives added to the KumKumadi Kesar Tailam oil, there are almost nil chances of any type of allergy or interaction issue. However this oil has certain ingredients which may not go well with the skin conditions such as severe acne, and may even worsen the condition which is why it is recommended to not use the oil during such breakouts.

If you are also in search of getting a perfect natural remedy for all your skin issues, buy KumKumadi Kesar Tailam oil today and make the most of KumKumadi Kesar Tailam benefits!

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