What if we tell you, ditch your make-up and include brown rice in your diet! If that sounds crazy, remember Japanese community that is known for its slow-aging and longevity reasons. Brown rice is a staple food in Japanese diet which is world’s least aging community. Could you see the connect? Brown rice tops the charts when it comes to consuming foods for beauty, radiance, glow and smooth skin texture!

Biomarkers that Spoil Skin and Hair Health

There is a lot going on inside our body, the effect of which accumulates and manifests on skin as acne, aging, wrinkles and even severe skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Certain internal biomarkers such as high blood sugar levels, inflammation, imbalanced pH levels and oxidative stress cause much internal fluctuations that reflect back on skin adversely. Research has proven high blood sugar is a slow poison for the body. High blood sugar causes high inflammation and imbalances body’s pH level, that shows on skin as rashes, acne, burning skin, hard skin, dark patches and itchy painful skin condition. Further, oxidative stress affects skin in the form of fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and acne.

Brown Rice and Beauty Inside-Out

The biomarkers that spoil beauty by disturbing our fine inner balance, can be balanced with regular consumption of brown rice to brighten up complexion from within. Brown rice is full of dietary fiber and does not cause sudden blood-sugar spikes keeping blood-sugar levels in balance. When blood-sugar levels are high, pancreas produce more insulin to bring blood-sugar to its optimum level. In this process, insulin induces the oil (sebaceous) glands on our skin to secrete more sebum, which in excess leads to acne breakouts.
Brown rice is a rich source of antioxidant and nutrients such as selenium, that helps reduce inflammation and maintain the skin elasticity. High amount of Vitamin B in brown rice supports skin and hair health while contributing towards energy production. Anti-oxidants and minerals help delay signs of aging including wrinkles and fine lines.
In Macrobiotics, brown rice is highly recommended for supporting gut health which is the key to flawless beautiful skin. It stable blood-sugar levels helps keep weight in check while also keeping the moods stable. It detoxifies the body, boosts metabolism, improves immunity and delays aging. However, macrobiotics supports brown rice not just for its quantitative nutritional benefits but also for its qualitative properties. Beauty, health, vitality and energy are the attributes of harmony and balance within the body and mind and brown rice is considered to be the most balancing food comprising of fine balance of yin-yang energies.

Brown Rice – The Ultimate Skin-Food

An age-old Ayurveda phrase goes like, ‘Apply only what you can eat!’ Skin is the largest organ of the body with important activities to perform to keep us in a balanced state. Japanese women are known for their porcelain skin and brown rice contributes immensely to their skin health. It has been used extensively in Oriental tradition to exfoliate skin for a beautiful complexion.
Brown rice protein is a natural exfoliant and helps shed dead skin cells for a healthier, smoother and even toned complexion. Used regularly it helps reduce dark spots and create a more youthful complexion. While exfoliation, skin just drinks-up the entire moisture!
Sukurabu-The Ancient Scrub is a super-effective skin nutrition made with brown rice. The skincare recipe is driven from Japanese Geisha’s self-care tradition. Sukurabu contains 70 different antioxidants that help preserve skin's youthfulness & protect against cellular damage. Sukurabu is a gentle yet deep exfoliating face scrub. It removes impurities & dead skin cells to improve skin tone, lighten sun-tan and deeply moisturize and nourish skin.